EXHALE Opening Party event artwork

EXHALE Opening Party

Jul 26, 202311 PM
DC-10 Ibiza

Sant Josep de sa Talaia, Spain


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Jul 18, 2023

Tiffany Bennett

4 min read

The time has come.

EXHALE is preparing to storm the iconic DC-10 Ibiza for its phenomenal opening night on Wednesday, July 26, from 11 pm through to the early hours.

With techno-Titaness Amelie Lens at the helm, the 2023 season is all set to deliver a mind-blowing auditory experience for the dedicated ravers flocking to Ibiza's notorious venue.

Building on the thunderous success of previous seasons, EXHALE is back, bigger and bolder than ever. The stage is set for a foot-stomping, heart-pounding opening party journey, masterfully conducted by Amelie Lens and her troupe of gifted techno talents.

EXHALE, brilliantly orchestrated by Lens, is a glowing beacon for cutting-edge techno, showcasing some of the industry's trailblazing DJs and producers.

Born in Belgium's Labyrinth Club, EXHALE has swelled into a worldwide community, uniting its followers through the power of its distinctive techno beat.

The lineup for this season's opening night is a testament to the party's commitment to promoting exhilarating and innovative sounds. Joining Amelie Lens are Adiel, Ahl Iver, Andres Campo, Chris Liebing, Dax J, Ellen Allien, Farrago, and François X, each bringing their distinct flair to the DJ booth and dance floor.

Gear up to immerse yourselves in all things EXHALE, as the music propels you into a transcendental state of euphoria. Brace yourselves, as the EXHALE opening night promises to be a sonic spectacle you won't want to miss.

Renowned for her bass-driven sets that fuse classic house vibes with contemporary European techno beats, Amelie Lens has carved a unique space for herself in the realm of electronic music.

Her magnetizing performances continue to ensnare audiences worldwide, establishing her as a true connoisseur of the techno genre.

Italian techno DJ and producer Adiel started off her career at Goa Club in Rome as its resident DJ before exploring further afield at clubs and festivals all over the world, including Sonar, Printworks, and Berghain.

Belgian artist Ahl Iver honed his music production skills from a young age, leading to recognition by Amelie Lens herself, who signed his first vinyl EP on Lenske Records. Known for his thunderous kick drums, fast acid sequences, and rave stabs, Iver has thrilled international dancefloors with his production and DJing skills, marking the start of a promising career.

Spain's Andres Campo is globally acknowledged for his innovative talent and versatility in music selection, from groove to heavy techno. Aside from captivating global audiences with his performances at renowned festivals and his residency at Barcelona's 'techno cathedral', Florida 135, he's also a respected producer with releases on labels like Second State, Intec, and RUKUS, and a record label co-founder of EI8HT alongside Eats Everything.

Popular in the Frankfurt techno scene since the 1990s, Chris Liebing has always stood for solid techno on the deeper side of things and continues to stray far from the mainstream. No stranger to the White Isle, he’s played alongside techno greats such as Carl Cox and Mauro Picotto, across multiple super clubs on the island.

British DJ and producer Dax J, renowned for his individualistic style and high-quality sound production, has journeyed from London's pirate radio to global techno stardom, earning top spots in DJ rankings, and receiving recognition for his exceptional closing sets at major techno clubs, while also making his mark as a record label boss and a prolific producer.

Ellen Allien is an iconic techno visionary and accomplished producer with eight solo albums. She also helms two record labels, BPitch, and UFO Inc., and regularly captivates global audiences with her performances, leaving an indelible imprint on techno and dance music culture.

Farrago, a fixture of the Lenske label and a new-generation techno talent, is renowned for his highly effective, boomy, and dreamy music, his eclectic, BPM-defying DJ sets, and his performances at globally acclaimed venues, earning a solid reputation in the expansive world of techno.

François X, a celebrated DJ and producer hailing from Paris, has emerged as a techno powerhouse with a reputation for his vibrant sets that blend a variety of techno sounds, an acclaimed residency at Concrete, numerous releases including on his own label DEMENT3D, and his latest venture, XX LAB, reflecting his commitment to independent, avant-garde electronic music, and highlighting his ongoing evolution within the global techno scene.

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