Horizon presents Mathame NEO Severity Week 5 event artwork

Horizon presents Mathame NEO Severity Week 5

Jul 5, 202411 PM
Amnesia Ibiza

Ibiza, Spain

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Jul 1, 2024

Tiffany Bennett

2 min read

Get ready for an electrifying night as Mathame returns to Amnesia Ibiza on Friday, July 5, 2024, with the groundbreaking party series, NEO. This time, the theme is "Severity," promising a night of intense, transformative experiences that will push the boundaries of melodic techno.

From 23:00 onwards, the legendary Terraza will be the stage for a strong lineup. Leading the charge are the Italian brothers Amedeo and Matteo Giovanelli, better known as Mathame. Renowned for their unique blend of classical music influences and nature-inspired melodies, Mathame's sets are a harmonious mix of serenity and euphoria. Their audiovisual show, NEO, is an evolution of their existing performances, designed to create a distinct and unforgettable journey each night. With "Severity," they aim to evoke deep emotions and a sense of spiritual connection.

Joining Mathame is the dynamic duo Åme, who will be performing a special live B2B set with Trikk. Known for their genre-defying soundscapes and innovative approach to live performances, me and Trikk together will undoubtedly deliver a set that captivates and mesmerizes. Their collaboration promises to be a highlight of the night, blending their signature styles into a seamless and exhilarating experience.

Also gracing the Terraza is Brina Knauss, whose deep, melodic beats and captivating stage presence have made her a rising star in the melodic techno scene. Her ability to connect with the audience and create an immersive atmosphere will add an extra layer of magic to the night.

Completing the lineup is Sona, whose energy and eclectic mixes are sure to keep the dance floor pulsating into the early hours. With a knack for blending various influences and styles, Sona will provide the perfect finale to an extraordinary night.

Mathame present NEO | Severity is an odyssey of sound and visuals that transcends the ordinary. Prepare yourself for a night where music, art, and emotion converge, creating a once-in-a-lifetime experience. See you on the dance floor!

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