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Âme are about as unconventional an act as you’re likely to find anywhere in the electronic music sphere. The duo is composed of Kristian Beyer and Frank Wiedemann. Poetically, the kindred spirits met in a record store in their native Karlsruhe. Bonding over a shared love of imported Chicago house and Detroit techno records, Kristian and Frank’s friendship would soon crystallize into a professional capacity.

Alongside peer Dixon, the pair front seminal label and collective, Innervisions.

Initially formed as a side-project to the already established Sonar Kollektiv, it wasn’t long before Innervisions eclipsed the profile of its predecessor. In fact, it was Kristian and Frank who produced the brooding Rej. The label’s second official release was the catalyst for setting Innervisions on a path to becoming one of house music’s most respected stables.

What makes Âme unique to other duos, is that they largely tour and play as separate entities, while sharing the stage name.

Kristian is the DJ of the two and commits to a vigorous international schedule that sees him play the biggest festival stages and the hottest club booths around the world. As well as an adept solo act, he’s also somewhat of a back-to-back specialist. His pairings with comrade Dixon or fellow German Solomun behind the decks are always highly sought affairs.

Conversely, Frank always plays live. By recreating Âme’s own material and remixes in front of an audience, Âme (live) gives clubbers a front-row seat to the magical processes that takes place in the studio. Given the depth and range of the outfit’s back catalog, this unusual approach to performing is a scintillating prospect.

While dual appearances are rare, very occasionally Kristian and Frank unite in public for one of their fabled Âme 2 Âme sessions - a showcase that pits their two disciplines against one another in an aural display of studio chemistry and creative synergy.

For the most part, we must be content with enjoying their work as played by others. But should the opportunity to catch either play arise, you’ll regret passing on the chance.

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