Nakadia - Extended Set  event artwork

Nakadia - Extended Set

Feb 18, 202310 PM
Nakadia - Extended Set  event artwork


The reigning Thai techno queen Nakadia is making her way to New York City for an extended set on Saturday, February 18. Among the gritty, warehouse vibes of H0L0 in Queens (known for the now viral Fred Again .. vs Swedish House Mafia popup show), Nakadia's seamless blend of minimal house and techno will feel right at home.

Nakadia is known for her unstoppable optimism and rocking techno. While growing up in the poor Thai countryside of Isaan, she had no choice but to shape her own way forward. There wasn't much of a dance music scene where she lived. Her sole inspiration came from a trip to Germany, where her now manager, Seb, introduced her to dance music. All odds aside, she persevered and pioneered an underground scene in Thailand. Now, she is one of the fastest-rising names in techno.

Nakadia @ Tomorrowland Winter

An inspiration for self-made artists everywhere, Nakadia used the last decade to become a reputable producer, a sought-after live act, and an author. Her breakthrough EP, "Acid Storm," was released to Carl Cox's Intec Digital in 2019. Just one year later, she was tapped to make a mixed album for tastemaking German techno label, Ballroom Records. Successful records were accompanied by a sprawling live show schedule, which took her music worldwide.

Her relentless passion and contagious optimism have proved inspirational in ways beyond music too. She released her book, Positive Energy: Becoming Nakadia in the spring of 2021. "During the COVID-19 crisis, I finally found the time to write down the story of my life," she says of the book. "It has been a turbulent one, full of extremes, and I hope it will inspire people to stay optimistic in these difficult times."

We're very grateful and excited to welcome Nakadia to H0L0 in February. Warehouse ravers and dance music lovers will join for good vibes and nasty techno with Nakadia and the Gray Area community.


1090 Wyckoff Ave

Ridgewood, New York

United States

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