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Rachel Cross, who produces and DJs under the name Crossbow, spent many years searching for the best way to express her passion for music. Her prized possessions as a youth were her Sony Walkman radio and CD player, and she would spend her time listening to all sorts of music, all day, every day. However, it was only after she moved to New York City without knowing a soul that the proper method to express her passion for music revealed itself.

That passion is electronic music. It’s unmistakable and irrefutable. Cross started as a casual party-goer, but the historic NYC dance scene is historic for a reason, and when the sound of those kick drums entered her ears, she knew she was right where she belonged.

Soon enough, she was DJing around New York and working in Ableton, making her own beats. Her obsession with the music, paired with her love of learning, fast-tracked her production career as she defines a sound that is groovy, dramatic, and narrative in nature.

Now after barely three years, she’s had numerous releases on impressive labels like Codex, Set About, and IAMT, while a plethora of notable producers around the globe, including Spartaque, Metodi Hristov, and Roberto Capuano, are supporting her tracks during their sets.

With all these waves being made, Cross is an in-demand DJ around NYC sharing bills with legends like Ben Klock, Juliet Fox, Sam Wolfe, and Eli Brown, in addition to landing radio slots on respected stations like Radio Intense and

The next phase of Cross’s career includes international bills and adding even more genre-defining labels to her catalog. Now that she’s discovered producing and DJing house and techno is the way to express her passion for music, all that’s left is time. It’s unmistakable and irrefutable.

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