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PIV Amnesia with Kerri Chandler & East End Dubs

Oct 3, 202311 PM
Amnesia Ibiza

Ibiza, Spain


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Sep 25, 2023

Tiffany Bennett

4 min read

PIV's closing spectacle at Amnesia Ibiza. Tuesday, October 3 - it will be a night to remember.

Ibiza has been echoing with the sounds of Amsterdam's PIV label all summer long, but we’re not quite done yet!

From the enchanting open-air dancefloor of Cova Santa to the iconic walls of Amnesia, PIV has been the name on every clubber's lips. And now, as the season draws to a close, PIV is gearing up for one last unforgettable night at Amnesia Ibiza from 11pm on Tuesday, October 3.

Amnesia, with its legendary status, is the perfect venue to host the final chapter of PIV's summer series. And if the past events are anything to go by, this night promises to be nothing short of incredible.

The lineup for the night is a curated ensemble of the finest in electronic music: Kerri Chandler, East End Dubs, Kolter, Prunk, Dennis Quin, and Kellie Allen. Each artist, with their unique sound and style, is set to take the audience on a mesmerizing musical journey.

Kerri Chandler, a name synonymous with deep house, is sure to bring the soulful vibes that have made him a global sensation.

East End Dubs, with their signature groovy beats, will undoubtedly keep the dancefloor moving.

Kolter, fresh from his recent successes, is expected to deliver a set that blends the old with the new, while Prunk's energetic beats will remind everyone why he's the driving force behind PIV.

Dennis Quin's innovative sound and Kellie Allen's Ibiza-inspired tracks will round off what promises to be a night of pure musical bliss.

But beyond the music, what truly sets PIV apart is its ethos. Flipping the term "VIP" on its head, PIV stands for "People Invited."

It's a celebration of inclusivity, a space where clubbers from all corners of the globe come together to express, dance, and revel in the magic of Ibiza.

This spirit, combined with Amnesia's unparalleled atmosphere, ensures that the PIV final installment for 2023 will be a night to remember.

From day-to-night fiestas at Cova Santa to the high-energy night-time vibes at Amnesia, PIV's summer series has been a testament to the label's commitment to delivering unforgettable experiences. Let’s go one more time!

The lineup:

Ever since the early 90s, Kerri Chandler has been helping shape the house music landscape. Growing up with a range of musical influences, from funk to soul, jazz to hip hop means that his own musical style now pulls from a variety of places, making it unique to him.

On his own label, Kaoz Theory, he has worked with a huge number of underground music talents including Jamie Jones, Seth Troxler, and The Martinez Brothers, just to name a few.

Not only a master producer and DJ, East End Dubs runs his own label as well as engineers for plenty of other artists and record labels. The London producer has made a name for himself with deep and dark house sounds, inspired by London’s underground scene.

Johannes “Kolter,” one of the fastest-rising talents from the German music scene, is known for his fresh take on house music through labels like Hoove, Berg Audio, and Rutilance.

With collaborations with top beatmakers, a debut LP in 2022, a second imprint launching in 2023, and fluid DJ sets at major venues like Tomorrowland and DC-10 Ibiza, Kolter has established himself as a major force in the electronic music world, showing no signs of slowing down.

Prunk is a Netherlands-born DJ and producer rooted deeply in the house music scene.

As the founder of the influential PIV Records, Prunk has carved out a unique space for himself, garnering global recognition through releases on top-tier labels like EWax and Nervous Records, residencies at eminent platforms like AIR Amsterdam and Straf_Werk, and international gigs spanning from Amsterdam's famed festivals to the vibrant clubs of Bali and São Paulo.

Amsterdam-born Dennis Quin is a distinguished house music producer and DJ, celebrated for his unique blend of raw analogue elements and compelling rhythmic drive.

With a musical journey that began in the early '90s, Quin has made significant marks on labels like Snatch! Records and Madhouse, and has been recognized as one of the top-selling house artists, all while maintaining a dynamic presence behind the decks in renowned global venues.

London-born, Ibiza-based DJ and producer Kellie Allen has played across the white isle and the world for iconic brands such as PIV, Viva Warriors, ABODE, Sankeys, Tribal Sessions, and Cream Ibiza. She also hosts on Ibiza Global Radio.

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