PIV Ibiza Closing Party event artwork

PIV Ibiza Closing Party

Sep 19, 20237 PM
Cova Santa

Ibiza, Spain


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Sep 12, 2023

Tiffany Bennett

4 min read

Prepare for a unique Ibiza experience on Tuesday, September 19, with Dutch label PIV’s high-energy event at Cova Santa Ibiza.

Returning after a series of memorable shows in 2022, PIV, led by the talented Prunk, features a spectacular lineup including Artmann, Fabe, Kellie Allen, M-High, Robbie Doherty, Sidney Charles, and Prunk himself.

Doors open at 7pm and from the very beginning, you know you’ll be in good hands.

The Amsterdam-based powerhouse, PIV, known for its groundbreaking ventures in the world of house music, will be giving us an energetic display of the rich talent that the label has nurtured over the years.

We’re at the finale of the exclusive handful of events that they are hosting at the San Jose venue in 2023, so you definitely don’t want to miss out on this one.

PIV and Cova Santa have always been a match made in clubbing heaven. The open-air ambiance, the incredible music, and the people – a symphony of experiences that redefine the very essence of Ibiza nights. It’s more than just the music.

With PIV, it’s always been about the "People Invited" – a space that welcomes every soul looking to lose themselves in rhythm, to express, and to belong.

Prunk, the label's head honcho, puts it best:

"Our connection with Cova Santa is special. It's about the blend of day and night. We kick off the day with the finest soulful & deep house, and when night falls, we turn up the tempo and groove."

The lineup

Artmann, a dynamic producer and DJ hailing from Amsterdam, seamlessly melds multiple music genres into his signature style. With chart-topping vinyl releases and performances at iconic venues like Tomorrowland and Pacha Barcelona, he's quickly establishing himself among the elites in the European dance music scene.

Berlin-born and Mannheim-raised, Fabe is a force in the house and techno realm, drawing from his '90s hip-hop roots to craft a compelling blend of classic house drive with techno grooves. As the founder of Salty Nuts label, a resident at Mannheim's nightclub Parker Lewis, and a regular at Berlin's Club der Visionäre, Fabe's distinctive sound is characterized by intricate beats, old-school house influences, and an infectious dynamic groove that resonates worldwide.

Amsterdam's M-High, the stage name of multi-instrumentalist Marijn Schiedon, is a prodigious house producer known for his meteoric rise in the electronic music scene. Serving as A&R for the influential PIV label, his portfolio boasts releases on prominent labels like Locus and House Puff, performances at iconic venues such as Fabric London and Tomorrowland, and a unique blend of unreleased tracks, '90s grooves, and peak-time anthems during live sets.

London-born, Ibiza-based DJ and producer Kellie Allen has played across the white isle and the world for iconic brands such as PIV, Viva Warriors, ABODE, Sankeys, Tribal Sessions, and Cream Ibiza. She also hosts on Ibiza Global Radio.

Prunk is a Netherlands-born DJ and producer rooted deeply in the house music scene. As the founder of the influential PIV Records, Prunk has carved out a unique space for himself, garnering global recognition through releases on top-tier labels like EWax and Nervous Records, residencies at eminent platforms like AIR Amsterdam and Straf_Werk, and international gigs spanning from Amsterdam's famed festivals to the vibrant clubs of Bali and São Paulo.

Robbie Doherty, a young prodigy from Belfast, is reshaping the contours of the house music arena. Infusing his work with 90's house, disco vibes, and deep house undertones, Robbie has already made significant headway with hits like "Pour The Milk" amassing over 52 million streams. He's not just a one-hit-wonder; his association with PIV and his latest Moving Rhythms EP speaks volumes about his prowess.

Hamburg’s Sidney Charles is a DJ and producer who started his journey in the music industry at just 15, inspired by the sounds of the late 80s and early 90s. With releases on well-known labels such as Truesoul, Hot Creations, and Saved - he’s a staple in the underground scene.

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