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The Masquerade

Jun 24, 202311:58 PM
Pacha Ibiza

Eivissa, Spain

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Get ready for a night of pure enchantment at Pacha Ibiza with masked music maestro Claptone at the helm. Claptone, the DJ and music producer known globally for his gold mask and white gloves, has secured the much-sought-after Saturday slot once again at Pacha Ibiza and is heading into week 7 of his summer residency on Saturday, June 24. Claptone's Masquerade has made a name for itself under the symbol of the famous red cherries of Pacha. Following a successful 19-week tenure in 2019, labelled as "the ultimate night out" by Claptone himself, he returned in 2022 and is now deep into his 20-week stint in 2023. The Masquerade, which first drew inspiration from traditional Venetian masked balls, has evolved into a unique event that brings together music lovers from around the world. The event has seen success across the globe, from Buenos Aires to Belgium’s Tomorrowland, and has become a highlight of the Ibizan calendar. The host of this spectacular event, Claptone, is an enigmatic German DJ and producer known not only for his golden masks but also for his infectious house and tech house selections. It’s been widely talked about over the years of a possibility that more than one Claptone exists, but the mystery still remains. Since his rise to fame in 2013, Claptone has been a prominent figure in the global deep house scene, mesmerizing audiences at iconic venues and festivals such as Hï Ibiza, Tomorrowland, and of course, Pacha. As the world's first superclub, Pacha has been a staple of Ibiza's nightlife since 1973. The Masquerade by Claptone offers an authentic and spontaneous mix of music, decor, and theatrics that pays homage to the club’s rich Ibizan history. A night at the Masquerade is always filled with unexpected elements. Only by being there can you truly dive in and uncover the enchanting secrets that await! The lineup Claptone is a German DJ and producer who has been touring the Masquerade concept around the world since 2016. He gained prominence in 2013 with the song "No Eyes" and has since released notable albums such as "Charmer" in 2015 and "The Masquerade Mixes" in 2017. Hailing from Manchester, the production duo of Mark Richards & James Eliot, collectively known as Solardo, are continuing the city’s rich heritage in house music. Their meteoric rise is a testament to their hard work in the studio and their infectious energy in the club. Flight Facilities, also known as Hugo & Jimmy, are an Australian electronic producer duo consisting of Hugo Gruzman and James Lyell, who started their career in 2009 by mixing songs by other artists before developing their own material. They gained considerable recognition with their first original song, "Crave You", which featured Giselle Rosselli and received significant airtime on the Australian alternative music radio station, Triple J, in 2010. Jack Tennis, a Berlin-based artist, specializes in producing disco and house music. Over the past decade, he has become a significant figure in Berlin's nightlife, releasing music on labels such as Midnight Riot, Too Slow To Disco, Gomma, and Thunderjam.


Pacha Ibiza

Av. 8 d'Agost, 27

Eivissa, Illes Balears


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