10 Must See Artists at Dimensions Croatia

Aug 30, 2022

Harry Levin

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In a festival market that insists on booking almost the same artists for every event every year, Dimensions is leading the charge towards a truly unique musical experience. Check out ten standout artists who will deliver innovative and exciting sounds at this year’s edition of the festival off the shores of the Adriatic Sea.

Adam Beyer, Amelie Lens, Nicole Moudaber, Green Velvet, Dubfire, ANNA. No, this is not just a list of outstanding house and techno artists who have made indelible contributions to the culture. This is a list of artists who are on practically every festival lineup year after year.

Overall, it’s a good thing that house and techno are becoming more popular on a global scale. A culture once remanded to the custody of dingy warehouses and plagued by voracious and capricious gatekeepers who would prefer that four-on-the-floor beats never made it to the airwaves is now making it big.

But as with every significant change, there is give and take. It’s been great to see the global house and techno community take so much. So many more events are happening, and so many more eager fans can enjoy this incredible culture.

It’s the give that is lacking a bit, unfortunately. As a result of this rapid ascension, lineups are becoming more and more similar. Avid festival-goers have a chance to see the same artists anywhere five or ten times, and this lack of diversity also permeates into gender identity and race.

This is where Dimensions stands apart. Over 100 artists are performing, and the genre and human diversity are simply unmatched.

Dubstep, breaks, leftfield, electro, and live performances will all come together at the Garden Resort in Tisno, Croatia, September 1-5.

Every festival in the world needs to make a profit to continue through the years, and most rely on booking familiar artists to make that happen.

By contrast, Dimensions relies on curating a sonic experience that pushes boundaries to sustain itself. As a result, it attracts people looking for something fresh, something different, and those people will leave with a whole playlist of new favorite artists.

It’s very likely these ten will be on that playlist.


It’s not common to see a name like Mala alongside Helena Hauff and DVS1 on any lineup, but there is nothing common about Dimensions. Mala is the boss of the label Deep Medi Musik which recently celebrated 15 years of dubstep and bass-heavy releases, and Mala will undoubtedly dish out those sounds in full force at Dimensions.

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Tama Sumo

There is no dance music fan too good for Berghain. That’s like a football fan saying they’re too good to watch a match at Wembley Stadium. So when resident DJs from Berghain play festivals, it’s always good to check them out. However, where most festivals book Ben Klock and Marcel Dettmann, Dimensions booked Tama Sumo. She’s about to take the dancefloor into the darkest depths of Berlin techno.

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Dr. Banana

Despite the comical name, Dr. Banana is not monkeying around. Instead, he is a pure DJ who primarily spins on vinyl and has some of the last year's most celebrated Boiler Room sets. Without productions to weigh him down, his sets can go anywhere, and there’s no telling where he’ll go at Dimensions when he hosts his own stage with other notable artists like Jeremy Sylvester and Eliza Rose.

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D. Tiffany

Coming off the release of her latest album, Edge Of Innocence, the Canadian sensation D. Tiffany will bring her eclectic mix of house, techno, breaks, and LoFi to Dimensions. The album is also a collaboration with Roza Terenzi, and the two will also share their set at Dimensions.

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On the final day of Dimensions, Berlin’s own Youandewan will play two sets. One on the beach stage at the festival and the other during the boat party hosted by his label, Small Hours. Surrounded by the Adriatic's serene, crystal clear waters, both sets are the perfect way for people coming off an epic weekend of partying to soak up some serenity. There is no one better to curate such calm energy than the jazzy, funky sounds of Youandewan.

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Gene On Earth

This year, a cartoon man who resembles a combination of Mario and the Pip Boy from the Fallout game series slowly inhabited the world of house and techno, and his name is Gene On Earth. With a few sparse singles released beginning in March, GOE soon released his debut album, Time On The Vine, this past June, and it is chalked full of groovy minimal soundscapes overlaid with all types of beats. When GOE plays at Dimensions, there likely won’t be a hologram of his cartoon persona, but his music will provide the wonder and colors of an animated world.

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Of the hundreds of artists on the Dimensions lineup, Batu is certainly one of the more active in terms of touring. This year alone, he’s played well-known niche festivals around Europe like Dekmantel, Freerotation, Outlook, and Sónar, and his music makes it clear why he is in demand. Take his latest album, Opal. The LP amalgamizes ambient, IDM, breaks, dubstep, and more into an aural journey that keeps listeners guessing with every new track. Quite a similar experience to one of his sets.

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DMX Krew Live

Despite the name, DMX Krew is not a crew of people. It’s just one guy named Edward Upton, and he’s going to take Dimensions through an epic and energetic foray into electro. Because it’s a live set, it’s like he’s showing the crowd exactly what living inside a computer would sound like.

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ISAbella is an artist who goes full throttle from right out the gate. Her production career began in 2020 with her EP Audio Exotica, and immediately it became clear she was going to explore the furthest reaches of dance music with house, techno, minimal, melodic, and more all crammed into one release. Around the same time, she co-founded MARICAS Records, which just released its first compilation that includes all those sounds and other artists playing Dimensions like D. Tiffany.

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Jossy Mitsu

First cutting her teeth on the decks at 18, Jossy Mitsu has shared her exponential talent regularly on the London-based tastemaking radio station, Rinse FM. Catch her playing anything and everything every Wednesday on the station. In truth, her widespread style is an accurate reflection of what the Dimensions 2022 lineup will offer.

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