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Berlin is known the world over for techno. Berghain is the center of Berlin techno. And Ben Klock is at the center of Berghain. He’s been a resident of the legendary club since 2005 and through that influential position he has shaped the techno sound all around the world.

In traditional techno fashion, Klock cut his teeth playing marathon sets, developing a bespoke ability to both meet the needs of the dancefloor and direct the music to fit his mood and feelings. With such skill he has received numerous accolades for his talent for selection. He put together the fabric 66 compilation in 2012, and later won BBC Radio 1’s Essential Mix of the Year award in 2015.

Klock’s connection to Berghain extends to his original productions as well via the club’s renowned record label, Ostgut Ton. His first release with them came in 2006, soon after he began his residency. It was an EP entitled Dawning/Deadman Watches The Clock, the first of many collaborations with fellow Berghain resident, Marcel Dettmann.

Over the years Klock would go on to work with Ostgut many more times including on his celebrated 2009 LP, One, which solidified his style as both familiar and suspenseful. No one knows what he’s going to do, but everyone knows it’ll be good. Because of this reputation he’s landed numerous remix credits attached to artists like Kerri Chandler, Depeche Mode, Robert Hood and Kenny Larkin.

Like many artists of his stature, Klock also runs his own label, one entitled Klockworks, founded in 2006. This label serves as a platform for his more minimal productions and has hosted music from the likes of Trevino, DVS1 and Etapp Kyle at various points.

Simply put, Klock is the anthropomorphization of techno. In one way or another he’s made his mark on every techno artist, every techno label, every techno party, and every techno track around the world.

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