Floorplan Bring Divine Energy to AVA Festival

Jul 1, 2022

Luca Rizzello

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Bringing gospel-infused house and techno to the sunlit slipways of Belfast, Floorplan’s AVA Festival set was akin to divine intervention. Highlighting techno and house's roots in soul, disco, and funk, the duo often mesh samples from the likes of Kool & the Gang and Aretha Franklin into hard-hitting club tracks.

Inspired by their devout Christian faith, the pair also feature prominent samples from gospel music in their material. Their 2011 hit, “We Magnify His Name,” revealed the power of combining these genres.

Hailing from Detroit, Floorplan is the father-daughter duo of Robert and Lyric Hood. Starting life as one of Robert’s solo projects in the 1990s, the minimal techno pioneer began collaborating with his daughter in 2016. In 2019 they released the album, Supernatural, and since, a multitude of singles.

Emerging in Belfast and later spreading across London, mainland UK, and Ireland, AVA is an Audio-Visual Arts Festival, Conference, Exhibition, Event Series, Industry Network, and Broadcast. Its goal is to celebrate, amplify and develop the strong current of electronic audio-visual art from the ground up.

Its flagship event, AVA Festival Belfast, started in 2015 and has grown annually. It’s now swelled to include a program of international showcases, including Mumbai, Amsterdam, London, Manchester, and Dublin.

Keep your eyes peeled for upcoming Floorplan shows at Defected at Eden in IbizaSWF 2022 in Amsterdam, and Maiden Voyage Festival in London.

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