Ibiza's Pepe Roselló: A Life of Innovation and Entertainment

Feb 28, 2024

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Pepe Roselló, born on the vibrant island of Ibiza in 1936, emerged as a visionary businessman and a legendary figure in the realm of entertainment and nightlife. His life thus far, unfolding against the backdrop of the Civil War's challenges, paints a captivating journey marked by calamities, unlikely anecdotes, and an unwavering amount of dedication to the nightlife scene.

A young Pepe Roselló in Ibiza

Growing up in the suburb of San Antoni de Portmany, Pepe witnessed the transformation of Ibiza during his early years. Ultimately becoming a forerunner of the Ibiza nightlife scene, his ventures in the entertainment industry began in the early 1960s, with groundbreaking clubs like Playboy in San Antonio, and Playboy 2 in the late 1970s.

Space Ibiza - Playa d'en Bossa

However, it was in 1989 that Pepe Roselló achieved worldwide recognition by taking over the iconic Space Ibiza nightclub in Platja d'en Bossa. For over 27 years, under Pepe's constant dedication, Space Ibiza became the most awarded club globally. The success of Space Ibiza, even after its closure in 2017, is a testament to the passion and enthusiasm invested in the project, drawing unconditional support from a dedicated audience year after year.

Carl Cox @ Space Ibiza

Notably, the club hosted significant international DJs and emphasized excellence and continuity with its residents, including the legendary Carl Cox. After stepping down from the club, Cox decided to move on, but not before playing a nine-hour final set in September 2016.

Space Eat & Dance - San Antonio, Ibiza

Pepe's latest venture, Space Eat&Dance, opened its doors in July 2022, housed in an old restaurant built in the 1950s. Positioned next to the sea in the historical San Antonio, it serves as a time tunnel, transporting visitors back to the sunsets and magic of the mythical bay, combining haute cuisine with the authentic 'chill out' and 'sunset' culture.

In 2024, Pepe Roselló expands the Space legacy with the opening of Space Riccione in Italy, a "new generation club" aiming to redefine the clubbing experience. With distinct areas like the Arena, Garden, Terrace, and Lounge, this venue promises to be a haven for club culture enthusiasts, pulsating with energy from morning till night.

And guess who's opening the new Italian job up? Of course, Carl Cox!

Pepe Roselló, expresses his delight at continuing the Space Ibiza history in Riccione, stating, "We are happy to continue 27 years of Space Ibiza history here in Riccione, an iconic place that represents entertainment." His unwavering belief in the guiding principles of love for music and mutual respect remains at the core of the Space Riccione experience.

Pepe Roselló's influence extends beyond clubbing, as evidenced by his collaboration with Neverdogs on their 2023 dance floor ready track titled 'Ibiza'.

Additionally, the book '25th Anniversary Space Ibiza. The story of the best club in the world. 1989-2014.' chronicles the experiences of Roselló in the initial stage of his influential career, showcasing the important role played by various individuals and events in the success of Space Ibiza and the Pitiusas islands' leisure model.

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