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Carl Cox Takes the High Road While Shutting Down Troll

Jul 26, 2022

John Cameron

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You can’t make everyone happy, as Carl Cox seems acutely aware. The globetrotting superstar DJ was recently targeted by an inexplicably angry internet commentator. Rather than let it get to him, he demonstrated how to handle a techno heckler (techler?) gracefully.

The exchange took place in the Facebook group Real Techno. Members of the online community share classic tracks from the genre’s formative years and more recent cuts they perceive as remaining true to its challenging philosophy.

One participant from Brighton made a post wishing Cox a happy 60th birthday while he visited the city. The ensuing thread was where the troll made their jab.

“Carl Cox is over,” wrote the commenter, not likely expecting to receive a reply from the longtime Space Ibiza resident. “I can’t believe this guy still has fans.”

“I cannot believe it also [sic],” Cox himself quipped a couple of comments later. “A 40 year [sic] career, who would have thought.”

Cox erred on the conservative side when casually dropping how long he’d been working as a DJ. He was given his first set of turntables and began working as a mobile DJ at age 15, putting the beginning of his origin story back in 1977.

A decade later, Cox would go on to make a name for himself for mixing on three decks at seminal acid house parties like Danny Rampling’s Shoom events. 1991 marked his debut recording on Paul Oakenfold’s Perfecto Records: “I Want You (Forever).”

Techno absolutists who denounce the more accessible style of tech house Cox has championed in recent years as a betrayal of his roots seem oblivious to his early history. He first collected music during disco’s heyday, and his aforementioned first release fell closer to breakbeat hardcore.

Carl Cox will Bring Carl Cox Invites to Electric Zoo on Sunday, September 4. It will be his first time back at the festival in 11 years.

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