Magit Cacoon Gives Jonas Saalbach’s 'Cellophane' a Razor Sharp Remix

May 19, 2022

Austin Miller

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Magit Cacoon is an unstoppable techno baroness. Her musical proclivities have elevated her to the forefront of the global dance music scene as a frequent contributor on renowned labels like Crosstown Rebels, Upon You Records, DGTL, and Girl Scout. Her social pages and their infectious performance recaps will show that her sonic savvy extends well outside the studio. Her seemingly effortless crowd control and skills as a selector have earned her critical acclaim from numerous international bodies.

The indelible drive that propelled Magit Cacoon from a local Tel Aviv techno talent to an international dance music matron is more than a work ethic. It is a sound. It’s a powerful engine whose energy runs deep with reverberating low-end synths, hypnotic kicks, and unshakeable precision. This past February, MC loosed her production prowess on an official remix of Jonas Saalbach’s “Cellophane,” which was everything we could want and more.

A razor-sharp pulse lays a steadfast base for the rhythmic glints that illuminate the dark energy of this reinforced remix. As mesmeric synths spiral through the air, one can’t help but sink into the vigorous wash of this club-ready flip. An exceedingly proficient audio technician in his own right, taking on a Jonas Saalbach remix is no small task. But Magit Cacoon’s penchant for the powerful lent itself perfectly to the sonic and emotive intensity of this Headlights album standout.

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If superlatives like Award-winning DJ and prolific producer were not enough, add Mago Music label boss to the CV. Born from the desire to curate and collaborate with an eclectic mix of artists and styles while also championing her own releases, Mago Music is the latest medium by which MC’s career continues to grow.

If you’ve yet to board the Magit Cacoon train, consider this remix a forceful invitation.

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