Track Of The Week: Blackchild Debuts Hypnotic Tech House Roller 'Headache'

Apr 8, 2022

Austin Miller

2 min read

If you’re a current fan of dance music, odds are you’ve heard one of Gennaro Filisdeo’s—aka Blackchild—tracks played out through the underground. Minimalist themes have recently stepped their way to the forefront of the scene, and strategic sampling has never been so important.

At the crossroads of these practices, we find Blackchild front and center. The Italian producer has rocketed through the ranks in the last eight years releasing on house music mainstays like Hot Creations and Solid Grooves. He now pulls new label, Latemorning, into the spotlight with the release of his new single, “Headache.”

This latest offering finds Blackchild doing what he does best—combining heart-pounding energy with fan-favorite samples. Rapid-fire percussion gives a staggering pace to start, instantly upping the listener's heartbeat. As we settle into the beat, cheeky sample teasing evolves into the timelessly irresistible hook of Kylie Minogue’s “Can’t Get You Out Of My Head,” and any hope of standing still dissipates. A whisk of digitized sound design is the icing on this gloriously groovy cake and only adds to the guarantee that we will soon hear this stomper played out in clubs around the globe. Follow Blackchild on Instagram | Facebook | Soundcloud

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