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German producers Feliks Thielemann and Mathias Schwarz are the masterminds behind the electronic duo Super Flu. The work of Super Flu challenges the walls of any one genre, but one thing that remains consistent is their ability to make people move. Their work can generally be described as feel good tech house, though with more textures and unfaltering experimentation. “Eco-house with fair-trade techno elements” is how the duo describes it.

With a discography deeper than the majority of artists, Super Flu hits all ends of the electronic spectrum. Unexpected breaks, meticulous details, sonic structures, pulsating rhythms, and rich substance makes up their elevated techno sound. Their music evokes emotions, most notably a light-hearted carelessness that gets your mind off of reality and into a therapeutic sound bath that melts away any anxiety brought on by the real world.

Forming in 2005, Super Flu’s debut is a four track EP titled Wenn…dann… Since their start, the duo has consistently released heaps of new music every year, ranging from singles and remixes to EPs and full-length projects.

In 2009 emerged the duo’s lovechild, a record label called Monaberry. This endeavor is a way for the two to be independent and to not conform to any sounds that the industry tries to confine artists to. It’s also a way to put on other artists with similar creative visions, showcasing budding names like Andhim and Monkey Safari.

Following the opening of their independent imprint, Super Flu released their debut full-length project in 2010 under Monaberry, titled Heimatmelodien. The 11-track album proves their capabilities of creating a cohesive full-length project with varying sounds and styles throughout. Since, Super Flu has released three more full-lengths— Euterpeh in 2011, Halle Saale in 2013, and Musik 3 in 2017, along with its remix project the same year, Musik 3+.

Super Flu has been performing around the world for nearly two decades, hitting events like Desert Hearts in LA, Decadance in Germany, and The Island Festival in Croatia. Coming up, the German duo can soon be found performing at HIGHTS Festival in Stockholm, Praerie Festival in Germany, Day.MVS XL in San Diego, and more.