How Franky Wah Went From the Farmstead to the Mainstage

Oct 3, 2022

Ana Monroy Yglesias

2 min read

Not every famous artist knew they'd be making music for a living, and surely not every in-demand DJ/producer envisions themselves commanding dance floors when they name their "dream job" as a child. And for euphoric house and techno producer Franky Wah, his alternate career paths are a far cry from the dancefloor.

Franky Wah was born Luke Storrs to a farming family in Doncaster, a city in South Yorkshire, England. He came from a long line of farmers and assumed he'd continue the tradition.

"I would have followed in my dad's footsteps and become a farmer," he told Gray Area in his Spotlight interview. And while he's since traveled the world playing some of the hottest dance festivals and clubs, he's still a small-town boy at heart, living just five minutes away from his parents in Doncaster.

He also had a past life as a competitive bodybuilder—although a 2020 interview with British GQ shows his fitness routine is still very much in place—and placed seventh in Mr. Universe. As a teen, he played soccer and even got to play against Manchester United at just 16.

His entré to dance music happened at 11 when he heard Paffendorf's 2001 trance classic "Be Cool." Transfixed by the otherworldly sound, he sought to uncover its sonic mysteries and counted its bars to analyze the track. The experience planted a seed for the little farm lad to grow into a powerhouse producer. It just took a little time to be watered. But by the time he started DJing at 23, it started growing quickly.

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