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Franky Wah Reveals His Dream Club Lineup

Oct 6, 2022

Ana Monroy Yglesias

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Who would you pick to DJ if you could book a dream club lineup? When we asked Franky Wah, producer of euphoric bangers, this question, he knew exactly who he'd tap to play with him for his lineup of a lifetime. The "Dopa La Vita" producer listed five fellow artists he'd love to have on his dream bill, including three he's collaborated with.

His first choice is progressive house pioneer Sasha: "He was an icon for me growing up."

Not only did the Welsh DJ and dance music legend inspire a young Wah, he's also supported the younger star's tracks and even tapped him to collab on his 2020 Haunted EP. And 33 years in, Sasha is still an absolute treat to catch DJing, as Wah affirms.

His second choice is "another big influence," the man, the myth, the legend, Carl Cox. To see Carl Cox DJ is to experience pure rave joy. Who wouldn't want that?

Cox and Wah first linked up on a 2021 standout, "We Are One," which samples an inspiring monologue from Cox and channels '90s rave energy. Oh yes, oh yes!

More recently, Cox tapped him for the massive 134 BPM techno heater, "See The Sun Rising."

Next up, fellow rising U.K. act, Cristoph, who Wah describes endearingly as "my boy."

"We have a lot of synergy in music taste, and in music production we gel really well. We have the same musical mind," Wah explains. They paired up in 2021 alongside vocalist and producer, Artche for "The World You See."

Franky taps genre-defying Texas-born Maceo Plex for his dream rave lineup saying, "He's just in a league of his own,"

And last but not least is Danish artist Kölsh. So, is this gonna go down on your pop's farm, or what, Franky? Don't forget our invite, please!

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