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Born and raised in Rome, AE:THER, or Matthias, has quickly emerged as one of the standout figures in the house music scene. Blending his Roman roots with German DNA, this dynamic artist offers a diverse musical palette that reflects both his heritage and his passion for electronic sound.

AE:THER's journey in music took him from Rome to Berlin, a city renowned for its vibrant electronic music culture. Here, Matthias immersed himself in the city's eclectic beats and rhythms, paving his way as a formidable DJ and producer. His performances are not just about beats – they're an experience, a journey into a world of haunting melodies and narcotic rhythms.

One of AE:THER's standout tracks, "Merlino," was released on ARTBAT's prestigious Upperground label. This piece is more than just a song – it narrates the tale of a boy named Merlino, emphasizing strength, destiny, and resilience. His ability to weave stories through beats and melodies showcases his unique edge in the house music domain. With strong connections to prominent figures in the industry like Damian Lazarus of Crosstown Rebels and associations with labels like Tale of Us' Afterlife, Upperground, and Adriatique's Siamese, AE:THER has been thrust into the limelight. These affiliations not only elevate his profile but also highlight the industry's confidence in his artistry.

On the performance front, Matthias enchanted audiences in Tel Aviv for X events by Adriatique, marking another significant milestone in his blossoming career. His global reach is further evidenced by his ongoing summer world tour, resonating with house music enthusiasts from all corners of the globe.

From his early days in Rome to his current global acclaim, AE:THER's journey is a testament to his unwavering dedication to house music. His music, collaborations, and performances have solidified his place among the modern greats of the genre. For house music fans seeking fresh beats and mesmerizing tales, AE:THER is the artist to watch.

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