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Prospa is the Leeds-based electronic duo consisting of Harvey Blumler and Gosha Smith, and together they are carving their own niche in the modern dance music scene by honoring the history of house and classic rave sounds.

In their early years, both of the new well-respected producers and DJs were very much into rock and roll. Blumer started to study drums and Smith learned the guitar. The electronic bug took hold when the pair were teenagers and both of them started to produce their own music, each with their own style.

Blumer dug into the roots of his home country and made his first foray into production by making beats heavily influenced by dubstep. Smith went in a different direction, focusing on making jazz-infused hip hop.

The duo first came into contact with one another at the beginning of the 2010s, officially becoming a duo in 2013. At first, they were making music together in the realm of deep house.

Now in their work as collaborators, this diverse understanding of music is apparent and accessible. A Prospa set is not one that comes with expectations. Rather the opposite. It comes only with surprise and suspense for every track coming next.

Their breakout came in 2018,  a few years after the launch of the project, with the release of their single, “Prayer.” With these soulful overlays and engrossing breakbeats, this track was a precursor to the trend of more alternative styles coming to the fore of major dance markets.

In 2022 Prospa is a household act. They’re remixing Flume, they’re playing alongside Skream at his residency at KOKO in London, and they’re putting out music on Technicolour with KETTAMA.

They are following a path far different from that of most electronic acts, but that path is one they are making for themselves, all on their own.

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