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Super Flu

May 6, 202210 PM
Super Flu event artwork


Felix Thielemann and Mathias Schwarz don't take themselves too seriously. It's part of the effervescence of the German duo's persona—bright, fun, and somewhat tongue in cheek. Yet, Super Flu finds a way to balance their cheerful humor with a catalog of music that at times bubbles with graceful melodics and at others bounces with soulful funk.

Super Flu | Pacha On Air | Munich (Germany)

Since the early 00s, they've carved a place in dance music that's unique and fiercely independent. When they began releasing music, they founded their own label Monaberry so that they could remain in their own lane without the pain of someone else dictating their art. And since, the imprint has become a hotbed of talent, sparking the careers of others like Andhim and Monkey Safari.

They've continued to stay the course throughout their time together, releasing music that often drifts left of center yet remains powerfully dance floor-focused. They've performed with the Dortmund Philharmonic, released music on Solomun's Stil Vor Talent, Damian Lazarus' Crosstown Rebels, and brought their infectiously eclectic sound to clubs and festivals the world over. And now, they will arrive in Brooklyn for a more intimate night at Quantum.


177 2nd Ave

Brooklyn, New York

United States

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