1001 Tracklists Curates Mix of the Week: Kasango 'House Bound'

Alexander Dias

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1001 Tracklists Curates Mix of the Week: Kasango 'House Bound'

Gray Area welcomes Jacob Merlin, Chief Marketing Officer of 1001 Tracklists to curate this week's Mix of the Week. 1001 Tracklists is the internet's number one source for track IDs and dance music song data. Lauded by heavyweights like Spinnin and Tomorrowland, their platforms include the artist focussed Songstats platform making it easy for DJs and producers to know who is playing their music and where.

Merlin obviously listens to a lot of DJ mixes and he's chosen a smoothed-out house mix from Johannesburg, South Africa DJ, Kasango to get your day started.

"One of my go-to artists every morning is Kasango. His 'House Bound' monthly mix series has been a long-standing favorite (don't miss episode 015!) and his sets are always a perfect blend encapsulating Afro, deep, and progressive house to get your day started right," Merlin told Gray Area.

"We've recently been teaming up with another South African artist VANCO, and doing some co-branded mixes with various artists under his ALGRA imprint," he continues. "ALGRA standing for Acceptable, Love, Gratitude, Respect & Acknowledgement. The series showcases some of the top talents coming out of the country. Kasango's new mix for the series dropped last week is a must listen and track selection is so on point!"

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