Fall Under The Spell Of John Summit And Nic Fanciulli’s 'Witch Doctor'

Sep 17, 2022

Austin Miller

2 min read

Whether you’re a casual listener or die-hard fan, any house music enthusiast has heard the name John Summit. The Chicago native is the hottest up-and-coming name in dance music, headlining the biggest festivals and clubs around the world, topping Beatport charts, and even starting his label, Off The Grid. He’s been behind some of our favorite tracks, including his 2021 collab, “Witch Doctor,” with UK mainstay Nic Fanciulli.

This tune casts a powerful spell from beat one. Organic percussive kits tap out the vigorous beat for our hearts and our feet to follow. As the pulse grows within, entrancing vocal chants imbue this beat with mystifying energy that will not be denied. You can try and resist the siren song to the dance floor, but you’ll only be prolonging the inevitable. The witch doctor’s spell captivates listeners, taking hold of their souls through the power of house music.

We love a good collab here at Gray Area, and “Witch Doctor” is a great example of why. Fanciulli and Summit bring fundamental pieces to this tune that are crucial to the final product. Nic’s legendary rhythm work is perfectly in sync with John’s unquestionable ear for a hook, creating a roller that would become one of Fanciulli’s Saved Records’ most streamed songs of the year.

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