Nikki Nair Makes an Unforgettable Multi-Genre Boiler Room Debut

Jun 24, 2022

Luca Rizzello

2 min read

Atlanta-based producer and DJ Nikki Nair is one of the artists at the helm of hybridized dance music. After starting his career co-producing parties in Knoxville, Tennessee, Nair made his debut as a producer in 2018. His releases, which merge elements of electro, leftfield techno, breaks, and more, have surprises hidden around every corner.

Nair’s DJ sets encompass an even broader palette of genres, from ghettotech to UKG to experimental disco and beyond. His ability to seamlessly flip between these genres, and maintain a high level of intensity, results in high-octane, unprecedented, and unpredictable narratives whenever he steps behind the decks.

Nair’s Boiler Room set from Hyderabad is one of his best to date. Flecked with bars from the likes of Stefflon Don and vocals from the late Indian rapper and singer Sidhu Moose Wala, it’s a set that needs at least two spins to be fully appreciated.

Beginning life as a webcam taped to a wall in London, Boiler Room has grown to become an industry-leading broadcaster of live music sessions from some of the world’s best artists. Since 2010, the Boiler Room archive has swelled to feature over 8000 performances by more than 5000 artists across 200 cities.

Nikki Nair will soon play at The Ballentine in Minneapolis, Bass Coast Festival in Vancouver, and Dirtybird Campout in Waterford, CA.

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