Pollen Curates Mix of the Week: Greg Wilson's Essential Mix

Luca Rizzello

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Pollen Curates Mix of the Week: Greg Wilson's Essential Mix

Gray Area welcomes Dave Ralph, Global Head of Electronic Music at Pollen, to curate this week's Mix. Pollen is an industry-leading provider of vacations, music, and travel experiences. The platform allows users to connect with communities who share the same passions and interests and facilitates various festival experiences: from Palm Tree in Croatia to Defected in Ibiza and beyond. 

As an eclectic music lover, Ralph found it challenging to whittle his favorite mixes down to just one. In the end, he landed on a stunner from English DJ and producer Greg Wilson, which spans classic funk, soul, and indie. 

"I love music, all kinds of music from all kinds of genres, as long as it resonates with me I don't care what it is or who made it, if it's good its good. So, when I get asked to highlight music it can send me into a tailspin because I just love so much music! I had to think long and hard about this one but I think it's an absolute belter! Greg Wilson is one of the unsung heroes of dance music in the UK. Greg was the first DJ to ever mix two records together live on UK TV. That was way back in the day but nevertheless it was intriguing and a moment in time that will resonate with me forever," Ralph told Gray Area. 

"In 2009 Pete Tong of BBC Radio One aired a Greg Wilson Essential mix. It's breathtaking. Greg takes the listener on a musical journey through funk and soul and indie that laid the foundations for so much modern-day dance music," he continues.

"Rolling Stone Magazine named this mix in the top 25 DJ mixes of all time. I have played this mix so many times I know it back to front. I have shared it with friends and family to the same reaction every time, smiling happy faces, toes tapping and the desire to dance. Greg has some very special edits/versions that wow me every time. I think everyone needs a little Greg Wilson in their lives and I hope that listening to this will put people of the same journey I experienced when I heard it for the first time. Hats off to Greg Wilson. Enjoy."

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