Solid Grooves


For movers and for groovers, Micheal Bibi and PAWSA’s famed Solid Grooves motel is back for its second season at DC-10.

Solid Grooves brings the sound of the underground to Ibiza every Thursday with head honcho Michael Bibi leading ravers into a house and techno euphoria, under the roof of Ibiza’s notorious underground club, DC-10.

The weekly all-night session is born of Bibi and PAWSA’s UK-based label Solid Grooves, with the imprint’s meticulous curation of tech fusions, off-the-wall house, minimal techno, and certified solid beats reflected in their incredible weekly line-ups.

Label co-founder PAWSA is on hand to drop tech-house hits, meanwhile roster resident Dennis Cruz brings the bunker atmosphere with minimal cuts. French trio Oden & Fatzo, Hot Since 82, Seth Troxler, Richy Ahmed, Skream, and “My Love” hitmakers Route 94 are just a few of the names to have donned the decks at Solid Grooves in its debut season gone by.

You can also count on a few stellar back-to-back DJ sets throughout the summer calendar, often with Bibi himself often bringing in surprise guests to perform with.

Season opening and closing parties, in particular, are known to pop off on another level and after-parties in surprise villa locations are almost guaranteed.

Having been around Ibiza for a few years, but with its DC-10 inception only commencing in summer of the 2022, Solid Grooves has amassed a fiercely loyal following. FCUK THE FAKES, Solid Grooves’ 2019 season concept, took the island by storm with its rebellious kickback against Ibiza’s more glamorised club culture with their sweaty, jam-packed, authentic underground raves.

Hot Since 82 @ Solid Grooves, DC-10 Ibiza - 2022

Hot Since 82 @ Solid Grooves, DC-10 Ibiza - 2022

Solid Grooves gained its reputation as one to test a raver’s endurance as a former resident of the world’s largest nightclub, Privilege, before its closure in 2022. From dusk until dawn every Sunday, the grooves gang would gather in their masses in Privilege’s glass-paned Vista Club until the sun rose over Dalt Vila in the distance, and daylight shone on the decks: core memory moments.

Bibi and his clan now take on Ibiza’s underground institution, DC-10. Located at the end of Ibiza’s airport runway, the once humble farmhouse is now a hedonistic hotspot for the famed Circoloco, which takes place every Monday throughout summer.

When the Solid Grooves family are in town, the party might start on Thursday, but it never ends. Leave trends and prejudices at the door because Solid Grooves is all about the music in the moment.