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5 Tracks that Define LP Giobbi's Classic House Sound

Oct 21, 2022

Melisa Yuriar

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Renowned for her enthusiastic keyboard improvisations over shuffling 4/4 beats and her commitment to championing inclusion and diversity, LP Giobbi is a beloved house producer hailed globally at all tiers of the music industry. The activist-DJ is notorious for her piano house cuts and engaging personality.

Get to know LP Giobbi's discography a little further with these five of our favorite dance cuts from the charismatic-altruistic artist. 

1. Togetherness

Featuring visceral, drawing vocals, a blazing piano loop, and a thumping kick, this song is acceptance, tolerance, and altruism rolled into one. This track, released in the Spring of 2022, is part of a glorious compilation of house music created collaboratively with an array of artists from LP Giobbi's phenomenal Femme House collective. Togetherness is a feel-good house cut—quintessential listening for fans of LP.

2. These Are Your Children

Acid house meets piano house for a contemporary and indulgent composition. Oozing with rich textures and cheeky, engaging samples, this 2018 single is a resounding, classic house number —perfect for the pregame, the afters, and all-hours. "We're all just living our fantasies…"

3. Meet Again

Poignant, moving, tenderly euphoric—this is "Meet Again." Pinned by optimistic tones by electropop singer-songwriter Little Boots, the song is a percussion-heavy delight. Released in 2020, the song sees LP's production at the height of maturation. After a decade of working in clubs and dingy venues, this track feels like she primed it precisely for the mainstage. This is the tune one would hear played at 2 am for a crowd of EDC or Coachella festival goers.

4. Move Your Body

Featuring a motivational sermon by acclaimed collaborator (and Femme House co-founder), hermixalot, "Move Your Body," is moving and reflective. The producer often enlists the singer-songwriter for projects, but this composition shines above the rest for its pacing and creative soundscape of samples and percussion. It is one of the classically-trained jazz pianist's best works to date.

5. All in a Dream

Introspective and laden with the melodic sounds of looped piano chords and guitar thrumming, All in a Dream is as mesmerizing of a composition as it is stellarly produced. All the nuances carefully arranged throughout—the shimmering synthesizers, percussion, and subtle kicks—amalgamate and create a spectacularly romantic dance tune.

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