LP Giobbi and DJ Tennis Tour US in Airstream That Doubles as Mobile Studio

Aug 10, 2023

Carolina Quijano

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LP Giobbi is known for her unconventional way of doing things. She's constantly thinking of ways to reinvent the club experience. Recently, she came up with one of her best tour ideas yet: a multi-city "All in an Airstream" excursion featuring herself and DJ Tennis. The travel trailer was even outfitted as a mobile studio.

Their expedition included intimate shows, meeting new people, pop-ups, and culinary events led by fine chef Manfredi Romano, aka DJ Tennis. These two and their crew also visited many local attractions. They created a truly fun and unique experience, one that only LP, née Leah Chisholm, could manifest.

This journey is extra special as it coincided with the release of her debut album, "Light Places". A true labor of love, LP devoted any spare moment she could to writing. Her tour mate, DJ Tennis, helped finesse the album in a way she could only imagine. And before you even ask, of course, the album draws upon the Grateful Dead. This lyric from "Scarlet Begonias" spoke to her: 'Once in a while, you get shown the light, in the strangest of places, if you look at it right.'

That lyric resonates with LP deeply. She had an existential crisis of sorts when she thought about becoming a musician over some sort of activist. She's said that it was her mother who helped her "see the light..and [that] sharing joy through music is valid work." We all have the Giobbi Chisholms to thank for the wonder that is LP Giobbi.

Her parents, her biggest fans, joined her on this voyage. Time and again, LP has said they are the reason she loves music so much. Her father drove the Airstream more than 6,000 miles, and her mom served as the "Merch Bitch." Her mother bestowed the moniker upon herself while vending at the variety of locations her daughter played at, as LP posted to her Instagram.

The tour was full of notable stops. It started in Asheville, NC, where LP and DJ Tennis visited the Moog Museum. They got to make their own synths and later threw down at the New Belgium brewery. They stopped in Nashville, TN at some caverns, where the two threw a rave in a literal cave.

The stop in NOLA included a Deadhouse set, while Tucson featured a rave in a plane. Naturally, she stopped in Berkeley, where The Grateful Dead started the tradition of outdoor shows some 42 years ago. LP and DJ Tennis hit up Amoeba Music, which included a meet-and-greet.

Santa Barbara was a one-of-a-kind experience. The show traveled from the venue to the streets and then to the beach. The DJ system was rolled around with LP acting as a Pied Piper, leading her faithful followers. The journey ended in Austin with a final amazing show, but not before the crew hit up Joshua Tree for a Fire Rave. These are just a few highlights from the tour, but each stop was memorable in its own way.

The whole thing sounds like something out of the movies. Those lucky enough to be there know what a dream it is to get to experience this and see LP and DJ Tennis in such intimate environments.

LP, DJ Tennis, and company make it a priority to meet fans and provide a distinct experience. They are always trying to give party people something different from the norm. And boy, did they provide. I can guarantee that anyone who attended this Airstream tour will remember it forever.

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