Awing Activism: How LP Giobbi Supports Gender-Expansive Folks

Aug 10, 2023

Lisa Kocay

3 min read

LP Giobbi is not only a brilliant sound designer but also a champion for inclusive lineups in the music scene.

Piano house maestra LP Giobbi captivates audiences worldwide with her distinct sound, enchanting ravers with joyful tunes, soulful melodies, bouncy basslines, powerful toplines, and harmonious symphonies. Her upbeat productions have positioned her among the fastest-rising stars in dance music, and she shows no signs of halting her ascent. Beyond music, LP Giobbi stands out as an activist and the co-founder of Femme House.

Femme House aspires to carve a more equitable landscape for femme and gender-expansive DJs and producers. It's a 501(C)(3) non-profit organization that extends free courses, monthly online workshops, programs, scholarships, and visual representation through tours and festival stage takeovers. The motivation behind its inception was the revelation in 2019 that a mere 2% of charting producers were non-male.

"Dance music was founded by Queer Black folks," LP Giobbi remarks. Yet, the community has evolved to be predominantly white cis men. The influencer stresses the importance of reverting to dance music's roots and uplifting the original culture, especially by those in power. The responsibility, she believes, chiefly rests on white individuals — a sentiment accentuated during the 2020 Black Lives Matter movement.

“The onus lies with the booking managers, promoters, and other gatekeepers to do the research themselves and recognize that we are the ones in power,” LP Giobbi emphasizes. “We must wield our power altruistically.”

Upon confirmation for an event, LP Giobbi proactively assists festivals in crafting inclusive lineups. She forwards a spreadsheet to the festival booker containing names, contacts, and relevant metrics of femme and gender-expansive DJs and producers, stating, "I'm going to make your job as easy as possible. Here's a list of artists. Here's their contacts. Here's their social numbers. Here's their Spotify numbers. Here's all the information that you would need to know before you book them, here it is, please reach out if you can."

Regarding dance music's future inclusivity, she believes gatekeepers play a pivotal role in ensuring diverse lineups. She's dedicated to leveraging her platform to enhance this discourse and create avenues for the talents she backs.

"The reason that I keep grinding in the studio and trying to build this platform is not for money. It is because I'm hoping that the more power and leverage that my team and I build, that I can then do that. I'm not there yet. But I do think that, you know, as this builds, that's what I'm going to use my power for 1,000%."

Indeed, LP Giobbi transcends her identity as merely a sound designer; she is a fervent advocate for holistic representation within the industry.

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