LP Giobbi Captivates With Powerful New Single 'All In A Dream'

Jul 8, 2022

Austin Miller

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LP Giobbi’s come-up might be the hottest of the year. The momentary pause on her launch two years ago due to the Covid-19 pandemic is now just a speck in the rear view mirror. In fact, her domination of Twitch streams throughout the pandemic may have even accelerated the process.

The Femme House leading lady has been on a tear in 2022 taking her brand on tour nationwide, gracing main stages worldwide, and releasing a slew of new singles and remixes. Recently, LP achieved another career milestone signing her first record to the prominent independent record label, Ninja Tune, via their Counter Records imprint.

“All In A Dream” is the deep-rooted dance track you never knew you needed with a piano-laden groove that only LP can provide. This foundational piece took on new life with a bit of help from her friends, as LP shared in a statement:

“All in a Dream came together in such a fun and fluid way. I started working on the idea of the track with one of my favourite producers, Le Chev (Michael Cheever) and I was in Miami with Sofi Tukker, and they walked into the studio and heard the record and Tucker immediately said ‘I have this vocal sample that would be perfect.’ I threw it in the session and it was in the same key and fit perfectly. I eventually played it for DJ Tennis and Ashworth, and Tennis suggested we record live drums for it so we spent a joyous day in the studio trying out all sorts of beats with a live drummer. Tennis and Ashworth then ran the track through outboard gear that made me want to crawl into the frequencies of the piano and never leave.”

This hybridization of organic instrumentation with synthesized enhancements culminates in a track just begging to be rinsed on a warm summer’s evening while soundtracking the setting sun.

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