How Femme House Flipped my View of Gender Equality in Music

Jul 5, 2023

Carolina Quijano

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I’ve always believed gender equality wouldn’t exist, especially in music. As a woman of color, I’m accustomed to seeing disparities all around me. I’ve grown complacent, thinking nothing will change.

Thankfully, not everyone thinks that way. Leah Chisholm and Lauren Spaulding, aka LP Giobbi and hermixalot, respectively, saw the inequality and decided to take action. They created Femme House, an educational non-profit geared towards helping women and gender-fluid folx create fair opportunities in music. They host free production workshops, online classes, a production boot camp, and more. They do all this in hopes of helping those who want it.

hermixalot and LP Giobbi

Last April, I experienced firsthand the work this crew is doing. LP created the “Femme House Takeover Tour,” a venture that brought a mix of workshops, Q&As, and club shows to 12 cities around the US.

The tour came to the W Hotel in San Francisco, and I participated in the free in-person Ableton demonstration. The workshop featured an Ableton-certified instructor teaching beginner-level production. In this case, mini bear, who also serves as Femme House’s Chief Education Officer.

I’m a music journalist by trade. I love listening to music and attending shows, but I’ve never considered making music. After my lesson, though, I seriously thought I could.

mini bear

Following the Ableton class, I sat in on the What She Said talk. I learned more about the people behind Femme House. The panel included the crew, plus a few other influential movers and shakers. It was inspirational to hear how LP, hermixalot, mini bear, and Coco & Breezy, a twin sister duo making waves in music and fashion, break down barriers everywhere they turn. Each overcame so much, and they want to help those who face similar struggles.

Of all the speakers, LP was the only Caucasian. Surrounded by BIPOC and members of the LGBTQIA+ community, she uses her privilege positively. She strives to help those not afforded the same luxuries. She knows she’s fortunate and doesn’t take it for granted. This sisterhood, this whole “we’re in this together” vibe, was refreshing and unlike anything else. These people were sincere and genuine, speaking truth to power and backing up their words with action.

These sessions were mind-blowing. They renewed my sense of self. I felt even more honored to be a Latina, a person of color, and I realized I could do anything.

Coco & Breezy

The day culminated with a feel-good showcase featuring an all-female/non-binary lineup. They want to share the stage with others like them and do whatever it takes to equip them with the tools to get there. They even have an email on the Femme House site for people to send inquiries, music, and the like, because, as they say, they love new talent. Remember what I said before about these people meaning what they say? This is what I’m talking about.

With LP Giobbi, hermixalot, and Femme House, I could see a future where the music industry finally has an even playing field. One where gender norms disappear, and equality gives way to equity. Soon women and gender-expansive people won’t have to fight for their place at the table. They will set the damn thing themselves.

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