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LP Giobbi: Queen of Piano House

Oct 21, 2022

Melisa Yuriar

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Classically trained jazz pianist LP Giobbi has been pioneering her contemporary piano house sound for over a decade. Her singular performance style puts her many talents front and center, combining DJing, live sampling, and piano. The enthusiastic Deadhead has mastered her take on melodic piano house, championing a lane that’s all her own.

Her genre-bending brand of piano house is inimitable mainly due to the improvisational nature of her compositions. Her upbringing included a steady diet of piano lessons and an unconventional yet spiritual weekly Sunday morning practice.

“Every Sunday, instead of going to church, we would put on the Grateful Dead as a family and listen to music and dance. And that was my spiritual practice,” LP told Festival Insider in 2021.

Today, the composer—who studied jazz piano at UC Berkeley—is notorious for crafting piano-laden dance cuts that are as bold as they are emotive. Soulful, vibrant, and forward-thinking songs like “Togetherness,” “These Are Your Children,” “Meet Again,” “Move Your Body,” and “All In A Dream” demonstrate her ability to infuse classical sounds into contemporary works. She has wholly recontextualized what piano house can sound like in the modern era.

After her stint at Berkeley, where she discovered her passion for the cathartic nature of electronic dance music, house music specifically, the artist moved to Los Angeles to immerse herself in the music and hone her sound.

Now, straddling the responsibilities of a DJ, activist, label head, and entrepreneur, LP Giobbi is recognized as one of the most innovative American house music producers. True to her upbringing and Berkeley education, her piano house works often feature themes of acceptance, optimism, and rallying cries for more inclusion.

The talented jazz pianist-house producer continues to lead her peers and inspire fans in transforming and reinventing the classic sound of American house music.

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