Franky Rizardo Credits Daft Punk’s Homework as the Catalyst of His Career

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Franky Rizardo Credits Daft Punk’s Homework as the Catalyst of His Career

Prior to becoming the genre-blurring trailblazer that he’s now known to be, Franky Rizardo was your everyday Dutch adolescent navigating his way through life. Living in the mecca of trance music, Rizardo was an avid admirer of the genre. The heavenly melodies and mesmerizing harmonies were en vogue in the Netherlands, where the soundscapes were being elevated by the likes of Tiësto and Armin van Buuren.

Soon enough, however, Rizardo’s attention would turn to the emerging electronic synths being produced 500 kilometers away. His introduction to house music would appear by way of television, in the form of a crutch-wielding man wearing a dog mask.

Deep Down & Defected Vol. 7 - Franky Rizardo Interview

In a 2014 Defected Records interview, Rizardo chronicles the moment he first watched the music video that would change his life. “I remember watching TV and seeing this giant dog head walking through the street,” he says. “It was Daft Punk’s, I think, ‘Da Funk’ or something…I was like, ‘Wow what is this?’”

Yes, Daft Punk. The pioneering, mask-wearing duo who innovated that signature French House sound hypnotized Rizardo with their single “Da Funk.” The bass line-heavy synth production impressed Rizardo so much that he was eager to discover more from the Frenchmen.

Daft Punk - Da Funk

“Immediately after that—the same day—I bought the album, Homework,” he says. “I listened to it constantly in my room. The whole album was amazing.”

In fact, Rizardo credits Daft Punk’s magnum opus, Homework, as the catalyst behind his career pivot towards dance music. He adds, “That was the moment for me when I was like, ‘This is amazing stuff and I need to get into this.’”

Eventually, Rizardo would find himself on the dancefloor of one of his city’s most popular bars. His habitual rendezvous would, in turn, grab the attention of the owners, who allowed him to perform at the venue.

“I went every week and then I got the residency there…” He adds. “…That’s where i learned to DJ.”

Decades later, Franky Rizardo continues to perform for the masses. His ability to walk the line between house and techno has garnered massive support the world over. His provocative style has managed to find a home under his very own imprint, LTF Records, which launched in 2020. The label has and will continue to showcase the versatility for which Rizardo is known.

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