The Journey of Franky Rizardo's FLOW Brand

Dec 13, 2022

Harry Levin

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Wherever Franky Rizardo is going and whatever Franky Rizardo is doing, he is following the flow. The flow of life. The flow of music. The flow has never steered the DJ, producer, event curator, radio host, and label boss wrong.

Getting his start in his home country of The Netherlands back in the mid-00s, Rizardo has become one of the most intriguing and exciting house music artists in recent memory. Over the last 15 years, his music has touched on celebrated record labels, including Defected, Revealed, Simma Black, and Saved, with a list of past gigs that is equally diverse and impressive.

With so much talent and drive, it was only natural he would come to the same conclusion as dozens of artists before him: to create something of his own beyond the music itself.

What he created was called FLOW, and with this brand, Rizardo extended his influence globally before he even hit 30.

FLOW started as a weekly radio show in The Netherlands, and with the leadership of Rizardo, quickly became club nights and curated parties in international hotspots like the UK and Croatia. Eventually, FLOW became so massive that it expanded into festival stages at Mysteryland in The Netherlands, Extrema Outdoor in Belgium, and Rizardo’s FLOW Freedom Festival in Arnheim, which last year alone hosted Sidney Charles, Toman, and more.

FLOW Freedom Festival

“The idea behind the concept is the flow of music, something that is a bit of a journey,” Rizardo told Skiddle in 2017.

One of Rizardo’s latest additions to the FLOW umbrella is his record label, taking the name Listen To FLOW Records, or LTF for short. Since 2020 LTF has mostly been a hub for his productions, but as 2022 comes to a close, it’s going strong with music from Italobros, Joe Vanditti, and more.

Rizardo may think FLOW is a bit of a journey, but he’s clearly on a journey to the stars, and nothing will stop him.

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