Listen to Flow: 5 Essential Tracks from Franky Rizardo's Powerhouse Label

Jul 25, 2023

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Dive into a groove within the heart of house music, handpicked from the leading-edge brand and musical powerhouse that is Listen to Flow (LTF) Records. More than just a label, LTF represents a unique philosophy pioneered by renowned Dutch DJ and producer, Franky Rizardo. This philosophy aims to unify and energize listeners, creating a compelling blend of sound that transcends the mundane and touches the spiritual, awakening the mind and the senses.

Anytime is the perfect time to immerse yourself in the captivating rhythm and vibrant energy of LTF Records. Each release from LTF is a shining example of Rizardo's innovative vision and passion for house, blending meticulous creativity with a touch of genius.

In this article, we bring you the top 5 tracks from LTF Records that you need to hear. These selections showcase the label's prowess in delivering dynamic, genre-bending dance music, expertly crafted to plunge you into a state of euphoria.

1. ItaloBros - Baba Yaga

"Baba Yaga," a scintillating track by Italobros, a dynamic duo born and raised in Scalea, Italy, showcases their exceptional talent in blending their 'old school' roots with techno and deep influences. The track skyrocketed in popularity, earning the #4 spot on Beatport's minimal/deep tech chart and #6 in tech house. With its rhythmic groovy bassline, amplified by an electrifying sample of cheering crowds, "Baba Yaga" exemplifies an exhilarating, pulse-pounding tune that's sure to make any listener move to its beat.

2. Nacho Scoppa - Wanna Dance

Nacho Scoppa, a vibrant talent hailing from Argentina, unleashed a tech house gem with his track "Wanna Dance", ensuring it's a force to be reckoned with on any dancefloor. Landing at #6 on Beatport's Tech House releases, this high-octane track encapsulates Scoppa's knack for compelling compositions with its fierce vocals and bouncy elements. "Wanna Dance" captivates listeners with its high tempo and irresistible hooks, embodying the very essence of a catchy tune that truly lives up to its name.

3. Marco Tropeano - No Me Importa

Italian-born Marco Tropeano delivered a weapon of a track with "No Me Importa," which has struck a chord with listeners worldwide, amassing nearly 250,000 plays on Spotify. The song's outstanding fusion of a trumpet melody and tech house rhythm was so engaging that Franky Rizardo crafted his own edit, further contributing to its immense success, evidenced by its presence on 22 Beatport DJ charts. With its distinctive sound and vibe perfectly aligning with the ethos of LTF Records, "No Me Importa" stands as a superb exemplification of the label's musical direction.

4. Franky Rizardo & Motion Sky - Everybody

The tune "Everybody," a synergistic creation by Motion Sky and Franky Rizardo, surged to the top of the minimal/deep tech genre on Beatport, affirming its status as a groundbreaking tune. Its infectious beats not only seduced nearly 560,000 Spotify listeners, but also garnered support from esteemed artists like Vintage Culture, Beltran, Kevin McKay, Juanito, and many more, adding to its stellar reputation. With close to 20,000 tracklist views on 1001 Tracklists, "Everybody" is an undeniable heater on any dancefloor, exuding an energy that radiates under the glimmer of a disco ball.

5. Franky Rizardo - Love Me Right

"Love Me Right" by Franky Rizardo exemplifies his insane talent for breathing new life into classic tracks, reshaping them with his wicked style. His skill at reworking vocals and lyrics from '2000s tracks, as seen in this song where he creatively reimagines the sample from Lara McAllen's (Angel City) 2003 track, is proof of his innovative prowess. Coupled with a deeper, catchier vocal cord, Rizardo's rendition emerges as a perfect summertime track, demonstrating his mastery in producing irresistibly groovy tunes that resonate with listeners.

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