Kölsch Provides A Haunting Reimagining Of Franky Rizardo & Joe Goddard’s 'No Judgement”

Aug 12, 2022

Austin Miller

2 min read

Last year, as artists and industry were still navigating a Covid-curbed way of life, producer Danny Howard launched a unique initiative to spark life into a struggling dance music community. Lockdown Link Up was created to connect artists by randomly selecting sixteen duos to collaborate on a track while in isolation. Enter Franky Rizardo and Joe Goddard. The two producers, paired by chance, joined forces for a passionate progressive house tune titled “No Judgement.” And while a product of this pairing is enough to send any dance music fan into a tizzy, the fun didn’t stop there.

Dutch techno technician, Kölsch, was also brought in on the project. This time, for an official remix. What was once an impassioned prog house offering took new life as a hauntingly beautiful melodic techno tune. The crisp chimes of the original transform into echoing atmospheric synths, the steady bass kick now reinforced with a resounding presence. Reverberating soundscapes set the scene for the heart-bearing vocal that served as the cornerstone for both the original and this emboldened edit. Kölsch taps into his signature style of emotionally driven production to deliver a deeply powerful cut that seems more fit for the title “rebirth” rather than “remix.”

The dance music landscape is far different this summer. Now, artists like Kölsch can share the fruits of their labor with live audiences once more and share he has. Festivals and clubs worldwide have been immersed in the sensory experience of a Kölsch set. We are undoubtedly exceedingly grateful for the return of live shows, but here’s hoping we get more tracks like “No Judgement” from the techno titan very soon.

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