Beyond the Beats: 5 Short Stories That Showcase the Depth of Franky Rizardo

Apr 21, 2023

Eric Adams

3 min read

Franky Rizardo has captivated the electronic music world with his unique sound and immersive experiences. In this article, we're sharing five short stories that offer a glimpse into the life and career of this talented artist, to deepen the connection between Franky Rizardo and his fans.

The Spark of Passion: A First Encounter with Music Production

Franky Rizardo's love for electronic music was ignited during a visit to a friend's house as a teenager. He was fascinated by the music software program on his friend's computer, which allowed them to create their sounds. This encounter sparked Rizardo's interest in music production and marked the beginning of his journey into the world of electronic music.

From Trance to House: The Evolution of Rizardo's Sound

At 15 years old - Rizardo's initial interest in electronic music was rooted in trance, with artists like Tiësto fueling his passion for the genre. However, as he became more involved in the music community and shared tracks with friends, Rizardo discovered house music and was captivated by a DJ Roog set from Mysteryland 2000. This moment led him to embrace house music as his signature sound.

A Serendipitous Start: The Birth of FLOW

The creation of Rizardo's events brand, FLOW, began when Dutch radio station SLAM! invited him to host a weekly show. What started as a simple radio show quickly evolved into a full-fledged events brand, as Rizardo and his team began producing live events that centered around the FLOW state of mind. Today, FLOW has grown into a major force in the electronic music scene, producing nearly 25 shows annually and hosting stage takeovers at renowned festivals like Tomorrowland and Mysteryland, whilst organizing its own FLOW Festival as well.

A Special Day at Thuishaven: An Unforgettable 10-hour set

One of the most memorable moments in Rizardo's career was his first performance at Amsterdam’s iconic Thuishaven Venue. There he played a 10-hour set - the energy in the room was electric, and Rizardo was able to connect with the crowd in a way he had never experienced before. The memorable day reaffirmed his love for performing and his dedication to creating immersive experiences for his fans.

The Power of Remixing: A Track with a Lasting Impact

Rizardo's remix for Blue Boy’s classic "Remember Me" is a testament to the power of remixing in music. Upon receiving the request to remix, Rizardo was blown away by the track's potential and immediately went to work in the studio. The positive reception from audiences made it a standout project in Rizardo's career.

These five short stories provide a glimpse into the life and career of Franky Rizardo, revealing the moments and experiences that have shaped him as an artist. By sharing these stories, we hope to deepen the connection between Rizardo and his fans, allowing them to better understand and appreciate the person behind the music. Moreover, Gray Area's mission is to build a stronger, more united house music community!

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