How an Obscure Bulgarian Sample on a Snoop Dogg Song Inspired Shermanology's 'Bon Bini'

Sep 20, 2022

Staley Sharples

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Often, the most inspiring moments for artists come from a personal place. The journey behind the creation of Shermanology's “Bon Bini” is no different, as it represents an important story in the lives of Andy and Dorothy Sherman. The song came about unexpectedly, and it all started with a hidden gem of a rap track.

Seeking to find more ways to fuse funk with hip hop and house, Dorothy Sherman found herself immediately entranced by the hauntingly beautiful vocal sample in D Smoke and Snoop Dogg’s “Gaspar Yanga” and was immediately entranced by the hauntingly beautiful vocal sample. She found the acapella of the original song "Bre, Petrunko" by the Koutev Bulgarian National Ensemble and shared it with Andy, who suggested they build a song of their own from the track.

The duo signed “Bon Bini” to Jamie Jones’ Hot Creations label with the Bulgarian hook. Unfortunately, the original rights holder was unwilling to clear the sample. So, Shermanology dove deeper into the idea of making the song something of their own. Dorothy rigorously studied the original song to imitate its unique beauty and complex rhythm.

As the song continued to come together, an unexpected loss struck, Dorothy and Andy Sherman suddenly lost a close friend. To honor their friend’s memory, Shermanology translated the song into their native language of Papiamentu. They wrote lyrics in their friend’s memory and felt that “Bon Bini” (meaning “Welcome”) was representative of their loved one’s spirit. Touched by the heartfelt tribute, Shermanology received the blessing to rework the sample from the original songwriter.

“Bon Bini” is now one of Shermanology’s most-beloved singles in their discography. It showcases their Dutch-Caribbean roots with its fearless mesh of genres, combining Latin vocal chops, housey 4-4 beats, and soulful gospel-tinged melodies for a sound uniquely their own. The track starts the party in their trademark live sets and serves as a loving reminder of the friend Shermanology lost as their memory lives on through the music.

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