Shermanology Put the Family Band Back Together with "Can't Let It Go"

Apr 7, 2023

Alexander Dias

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Shermanology's family connections run deep. The brother-sister house music duo have a natural balance to their partnership, allowing Dorothy's soulful, soaring vocals to shine equally with Andy's ability to construct ear-worm riffs, funky basslines, and shimmying drums. Their immense talent is just as much a product of decades of hard work as it is a part of their DNA. In fact, they learned a lot from their father, Tony Sherman, an accomplished singer of the R&B group, The Sherman Brothers. The family recently joined forces on the funk-laced UK garage track, "Can't Let It Go."

The track takes on the stylistic vibe of Godfather of Soul, James Brown, but for the club. The elder Sherman's powerful vocals punctuate pointed broken beats while a slippery bassline runs beneath. "Can't Let It Go" isn't just a poignant collaboration, it's also the inaugural track on their new label, D'EAUPE DEMAND, which they say will focus on "joining heads and doing things that feel good."

Andy and Dorothy say that working with their father is a dream come true. "This feeling is just so good. Our dad is our biggest influence. He sings and produces. The foundation he showed us is something we use every day. And to have him on this track feels full circle," they told Gray Area.

Their father was the one who gave them some of their first professional opportunities. Dorothy sang backup for the elder Sherman, and while Andy wasn't as quick to join the family band, his musical ability was evident. His pitch was so sound that even as an observer, he was often the first to notice when someone was a bit off-key during practice.

Shermanology is the continuation of a legacy, and "Can't Let It Go" pays homage to the duo's roots. And for as much as they learned from their father's example, they feel that they have the opportunity now to reciprocate.

"It's a funny feeling to be playing a track in the club and you can feel that your dad is with you every single time," they say wistfully. "And it's something we wanna keep on doing. For our feeling, Dad never got the time to shine like he deserves and one of our goals is to show the world how crazy our dad is as a singer & performer."

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