Dorothy, Tony, and Andy Sherman

It's All In The Family: Shermanology's Musical Upbringing

Sep 15, 2022

Staley Sharples

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In the 1970s, Tony Sherman and the Sherman Brothers broke out into the mainstream with their Motown-inspired hits like “I’m Stoned In Love With You” and “Smile Baby Smile Part 1”. Little did their lead singer, Tony Sherman, know the music legacy he was creating.

The Sherman Brothers band steadily gained popularity into the 1980s, with Tony leading the way for his family’s continued success in the music industry. His son, Andy, and daughter Dorothy would study their father and uncles as they wrote and rehearsed their songs and made their stage costumes, sparking a love of music that fuels the family to this day.

“Our lullaby was the metronome from the Atari,” Andy Sherman reflects. “My dad was making music while we were trying to sleep. All day, every day, there was just music.”

Inspired by the world of music around her, Dorothy Sherman knew from childhood that she wanted to be a singer, just like her dad. She first got her big break singing as a backup vocalist for her father at 13.

“[He] put a pile of money on the table and told me that if I did the backing vocals, I can earn this.” Dorothy obliged and never looked back. Her soulful voice has transformed Shermanology, the dance music duo she created with her brother Andy. Paying homage to their roots, the siblings still collaborate frequently with their father, Tony, recently featuring him as a vocalist on their 2021 song “Let’s Talk About,” from their 2031 EP.

They also created music for Tony Sherman’s project, which is still active today. The Shermans can be seen in the making-of video for “Amor Special,” Tony’s release from 2013. Together, the Sherman family’s impact on music continues to stand the test of time, passing down the love from generation to generation with the powerful sound of Motown-infused soul and strong familial bonds.

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