The Musical Evolution of Shermanology

Sep 15, 2022

Staley Sharples

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Dorothy Sherman started singing as a backup vocalist for her father and uncles, crooning with Tony Sherman and The Sherman Brothers at 13. Andy, her brother, took a little more convincing to start his musical career. After an unfulfilling stint at Pizza Hut, Dorothy talked her brother into working on his singing, acting as a coach, while Andy painstakingly practiced the Toni Braxton classic “Unbreak My Heart” until it reached perfection.

Once Andy discovered his love of music, Dorothy roped him into overcoming his stage fright. The siblings went on to perform at a singing competition, belting “Endless Love” together. Following this, Dorothy and Andy started an R&B duo and began singing in clubs.

Andy Sherman on lead vocals with Artful Dodger

Andy found his voice as the lead singer of UK garage group Artful Dodger, which introduced Dorothy to house and garage music for the first time. Diving headfirst into the exciting world of international dance music, the siblings found themselves MCing European house parties, lending their distinct voices to the mic in their signature high-energy fashion. However, Dorothy felt limited by this role and sought to express her creativity with her own project.

She convinced Andy to start their band once more, as he knew how to DJ, and she had an extensive background as a vocalist. Shermanology transformed into its first iteration—an EDM project that brought them into studios with Afrojack and Avicii. Although they found success in the late aughts with a more commercialized style, Shermanology was not yet sure what the future held.

Still looking for their sound, Andy and Dorothy decided to reinvent themselves, developing the fiery tech house-meets-soul sound that defines them today. Their Rawthentic debut “Hot” received support from legendary house artists MK and The Martinez Brothers and held a three-week run atop the Beatport tech house charts.

After catching the attention of Hot Creations label head Jamie Jones, the duo was off to the races, releasing on Hot Creations and playing shows around the globe. Now, there’s no stopping Shermanology as they embrace all their influences, from their musical childhood to their influential sound today.

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