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Oct 28, 2021

Malvika Padin

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Making his mark with a slew of stand-out tracks including "I Need" "Communicate," and "Ocean Eyes" on Kitsune, New York-based producer and DJ Sasha Rome has found his sonic footing after his rebrand last year. First getting attention with the creative identity of Mir, Rome’s redirection found him in more experimental territories combining his vast and versatile experience in the industry with tinges of his Russian heritage for a uniquely upbeat indie-house style that can belong to no one else but him. 

With his debut album on the horizon, the multi-faceted artist delves into his creative process, which began as introspective, emotional songwriting amid the lockdown. The project has evolved to include different artists, ideas, and themes. Most notably, the album which accompanied Sasha Rome throughout the pandemic has seen its sonics grow into something hopeful and optimistic, symbolizing the reopening of the world. From an exploration of how he felt during the pandemic to the celebration of being able to see loved ones, the album is “a celebration of being able to live life again.”

Other than tracing his path through the past year, the project also marks the solidification of Rome’s sound in his current musical identity as he offers up a combination of his influences and a penchant for experimentation. It's an authentic sound with a lot of room for change.

Keeping this need for constant change in mind, Rome already knows what he wants to include in his music in the future, saying, “I've been taking vocal lessons for about a year and a half now. So I’d like to use more of my own vocals in the future.” In terms of trying new genres, he adds that producing full indie tracks, as well as hip-hop and working with rappers, is something he’s always wanted to dive into.

Rome reflects on how his Russian heritage and upbringing influenced his music: “Growing up my dad listened to a lot of classic rock and he also listened to Russian music since he was from Russia. So, I think all of that kind of in the back of my mind, I always hear it at the house, and I think it has some influence on me. I also have been influenced by European music as well. And then my brother was a really big influence on me sound wise because he's eight years older than me and he listened to a lot of indie rock and metal - when I was young, I would always get CDs from him.”

With the strong influences of his childhood, indie and rock became pillars of Rome’s music. He picked up a guitar at age 15 and started a band with a friend of his. By college, this had once again evolved to bring hip-hop, funk, and dance music into its folds.

Regardless of where his artistry is now and where it's headed in the future, what remains consistent about Sasha Rome’s music is the purpose with which it graces the ears of listeners. With a passion to make people dance, this is music that is designed to be an escape from the difficulties of life. He explains, “I take inspiration from psychedelic rock, like Tame Impala which is my favorite band. And the thing that I really like about that genre is how mesmerizing it is and how you can get really lost in the music. So, I try to bring that in to my music as well.”

He might be new to the indie house scene, but framed by his raw talent, years of experience, and fierce love for the New York music community, which gave him the space to grow as an artist, Sasha Rome’s successful year has been a road to his debut album, due for release early next year.

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