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Circoloco: A Global Dance Odyssey

In the vibrant landscape of Ibiza, where the beats of electronic music echo through the night, Circoloco stands tall as a beacon of the island's true spirit. Born in 1999, this no-nonsense, back-to-the-old-school vibe fiesta has become a worldwide phenomenon, transcending borders and shaping the narrative of contemporary clubbing culture.

Founded by Italian visionary Antonio Carbonaro, Circoloco has been a catalyst for change in the clubbing world, pioneering a forward-thinking music policy that has left an indelible mark. The iconic clown-face logo and the staple Monday slot at DC-10 have become synonymous with a revolutionary approach to raving, proving that the party doesn't have to wait for the weekend.

Founder of Circoloco - Antonio Carbonaro

Circoloco's stage has been a breeding ground for some of the most influential artists in the dance music scene. From Seth Troxler to The Martinez Brothers, Apollonia to Damian Lazarus, the brand has consistently propelled emerging talents into the limelight. Regular big-name cameos from the likes of Ben Klock, Peggy Gou, Loco Dice, and Amelie Lens have further elevated Circoloco's status in the global dance music community.

The allure of Circoloco lies not just in its star-studded line-ups but also in its ability to cultivate underground talent. DJs clamor to play at Circoloco events, and many careers have skyrocketed after gracing its stage. Tania Vulcano, Loco Dice, and Luciano are just a few who have witnessed their careers soar after a Circoloco appearance.

The strength of Circoloco lies in its authenticity, refusing to rely on extensive promotions but rather letting the power of its guest artists and the underground atmosphere of Ibiza speak for itself. Circoloco is not just a party; it's a community that transcends boundaries of gender, class, and religion—a symbol of the vibrant underground spirit and dance culture.

Beyond the dance floors of Ibiza, Circoloco has become a global movement, hosting shows in cities like New York, Miami, London, Milan, and Phuket. The annual festival in Phuket, held at Baba Beach Club in January of each year, not only showcases an international lineup but also emphasizes community support and sustainability.

Circoloco Festival - Phuket, Thailand

In 2021, Circoloco Records emerged as a joint venture with Rockstar Games, further solidifying its presence in the electronic music realm. The collaboration brought artists like Tale of Us, The Blessed Madonna, and Moodymann to Grand Theft Auto Online, where their Monday Dreamin' EPs found a virtual home.

As Circoloco continues to evolve and innovate, its inclusive, multicultural, and transversal movement remains the common thread connecting eager partygoers worldwide. From the iconic red lighting to the eclectic beats, Circoloco stands as a testament to the enduring power of electronic music and the unity it fosters across diverse audiences.

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