Gray Area is pioneering the "Doubleheader" event series, drawing inspiration from back-to-back baseball games to showcase artists with similar styles but unique fan bases. By having one artist follow another and culminating in a collaborative back-to-back (B2B) set, Doubleheader aims to create a powerful platform for musical discovery and cross-pollination. Embracing the "B2B" spirit, the initiative seeks to introduce audiences to new sounds while strengthening the dance music ecosystem.

Op-Ed: Creating Valuable, Unifying Connections — On the Dancefloor and Behind the Decks

Gray Area founder Michael Julian Kovadlo discussed Gray Area’s new Doubleheader event series, building synergy between artists and fans in a high-energy back-to-back showcase Think about last time you stumbled across an artist you’d later grow to love. An unknown opening act at a concert who completely blew you away. A DJ at a local bar that you d...

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