Doubleheader: Goodboys & DJ Susan event artwork

Doubleheader: Goodboys & DJ Susan

Mar 1, 20244 PM
United States
Superior Ingredients Roof

Brooklyn, New York


Get ready for a night where the high-energy tracks of DJ Susan meet the infectious melodies of GOODBOYS, transforming the ordinary into an extraordinary showcase of house music at its best. Join us for this unique collaboration at The Roof of Superior Ingredients on Friday, March 1st, where the dynamic DJ Susan and the Grammy-nominated UK sensation GOODBOYS will light up the stage.

DJ Susan, a prominent figure in the house music genre from the United States, brings an unparalleled energy to his sets. Known for his fiery, high-energy tracks that compel people to connect on the dance floor, his music ranges from raw, bassline-driven beats to smoother, vocal-infused cuts. His chart-topping releases, including "TALKIN" and "Secrets," have not only dominated the charts but also captured the hearts of dance music enthusiasts worldwide.

His influence extends beyond his music; as the founder of Hood Politics Records, DJ Susan has created more than just a record label. Since its inception in 2017, Hood Politics has evolved into a family-like community that supports and uplifts emerging artists in the industry. This approach has led the label to remarkable heights, achieving recognition as one of the leading platforms in the tech house scene. The label's ethos, rooted in love, acceptance, and inclusivity, reflects DJ Susan's deep commitment to the dance music culture.

GOODBOYS, joining DJ Susan, bring their unique blend of dance energy and melodic pop to the stage. Their global hits, ‘Piece Of Your Heart’ and ‘Lose Control’, have not only earned them a Grammy nomination but also solidified their place as trailblazers in the house music world. Their ability to create infectious hooks and melodies has seen them achieve multi-platinum success, resonating with audiences across the globe.Listen to “Lose Control” by MEDUZA, Becky Hill, and GOODBOYS

DJ Susan, with his impactful music and visionary label, and GOODBOYS, with their chart-topping melodies, are set to create an unforgettable night. The show will be a celebration of house music, where every track played and every rhythm felt promises to be a testament to the genre's enduring appeal.

Seize the chance to experience the electrifying synergy of DJ Susan and GOODBOYS as they take over the Rooftop of Superior Ingredients. This evening is set to be a remarkable fusion of rhythm, innovation, and dance, offering an immersive journey into the heart of house music.

Playing direct support and based in New York City is Wizzy & Wiley, who have quickly become a sought-after DJ duo. They've shared stages with industry giants such as Dom Dolla, Diplo, and Chris Lake, and have performed at venues and festivals like the Okeechobee Music Festival, holding residencies at places like Marquee.

They have made a significant impact with their label, Imperfect Records, achieving over one million streams. Their music, inspired by UK minimal tech and Chicago house, promises to ignite any dance floor, marking them as a duo to watch in the music scene.

If you haven’t caught DJ Susan or Goodboys, then you can catch these exciting acts at Superior Ingredients. DJ Susan is bringing his Hollywood smile and sweet stache, Goodboys are bringing their UK steeze, we need you to bring your dancing shoes, and we will see you on the dance floor!


Superior Ingredients Roof

74 Wythe Ave

Brooklyn, New York

United States

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