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Scenarios New York

Sep 8, 20242 PM
United States
Superior Ingredients Roof

Brooklyn, New York



On September 8th, 2024, the exciting Scenarios brand and label will unfold atop the Roof of Superior Ingredients, featuring performances by three pivotal members of the collective: Maga, Sean Doron, and Tim Engelhardt. All artists are acclaimed for their contributions to the music scene, bringing a rich history of performances, releases, and artistic evolution.

Maga, hailing from France and now based in Portugal, has carved out a distinctive niche in the music world with his exploratory approach to sound. His music navigates through melodic and minimalistic terrains, often pushing the boundaries of these genres to create a unique sonic experience. Maga's prowess is not just limited to his performances; he's also a visionary label head for Scenarios, showcasing talents like Emanuel Satie, Sean Doron, and Tim Engelhardt. His discography is decorated with releases on esteemed labels such as Flying Circus, Get Physical, and Stil Vor Talent. Maga’s versatility as a producer and his innovative live performances have seen him grace stages across the globe, from intimate club settings to grand festival arenas.

Sean Doron emerges from Israel, embodying the spirit of techno with his deep, evocative productions and sets. As a part of the Scenarios collective, Sean has established himself firmly within the music community, known for his rich, textured tracks that span across various facets of techno. He holds a residency at the renowned Rumors Ibiza, a representation of his prowess as a DJ capable of captivating audiences with his dynamic selections. His music has been released on a variety of notable labels, including Rebellion, Flying Circus, and Madtech, securing spots on top charts on platforms like Beatport and Spotify. Sean's musical journey is also marked by features in prestigious outlets such as Mixmag and Wonderland, highlighting his significant contributions to the scene.

Let's talk about Tim Engelhardt, the wonderkid from Cologne, Germany, who's been turning heads since he dropped his first album at just 17 on Steve Bug's legendary Poker Flat label. Fast forward, and Tim's been on a roll, lighting up the scene with his unique blend of techno and house vibes. His tracks have found homes on some of the coolest labels out there—Cityfox, Watergate, Fryhide, Innervisions, Vivrant, and yeah, the iconic Stil vor Talent, thanks to Oliver Koletzki. This guy's not just about hitting play; his depth and versatility shine through every performance, making every set a journey.

The upcoming bash at Superior Ingredients is gearing up to be a real spectacle. Imagine Maga, Sean Doron, and Tim Engelhardt, each a giant in their own right, coming together in a fusion of creativity and rhythm that's just electric. Think deep, think melodic, think beats that speak to your soul—all set against the night sky on one of the city's most breathtaking rooftops, the Roof of Superior Ingredients.

Don't miss out. See you on the dance floor!

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Superior Ingredients Roof

74 Wythe Ave

Brooklyn, New York

United States

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