9 Tracks that Capture Partiboi69’s Journey Through Music

Aug 30, 2022

Carolina Quijano

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Partiboi69 hit the music scene hard with his vibrant, in-your-face style and raw sexuality. Focused on providing as much oral and visual stimulation as possible, Partiboi69 is as flamboyant as he is hilarious. Known for being a DJ, producer, and rapper, he’s also well-versed in martial arts and fashion. He oozes sexual prowess while also being unbelieveably over-the-top. But that’s just what makes him a fan favorite.

Getting his start back in 2016, Partiboi69 was actually known as Stingray, a rapper who was just dipping his toes into the crazy world of music and sex. His early videos featured his lyrical genius, banging beats, and talent on the recorder, which should come as no surprise as Partiboi69 is pretty well-known for his tongue action. During this time he also began his label, Unprotected Records, as an outlet for him to release as he saw fit without having to answer to anyone but himself.

In 2018, he rebranded from Stingray to Partiboi69, still a rapper and talented musician who doesn’t take himself too seriously. He perfected his craft and discovered the art of using a green screen. The rest, as they say, is history.

We thought we’d take you on a trip down memory lane to get to know the man behind Partiboi69 and see his musical evolution from the beginning to where he is now. We have to warn you, though, his songs tend to feel like ketamine or acid trips gone right. Be prepared for a bit of a psychedelic, yet life-changing journey.

1. “Dank”

We begin with “Dank.” Released in 2016, still under his Stingray moniker, this track is a lo-fi, minimalist song that still brings all the bass. Repeating ‘that shit is dank’ over and over, Partiboi69, or really Stingray, introduced us to the phenomenon yet to unfold.

The song is accompanied with a sort of WTF video, as Partiboi69 appears, wearing green dank shades in the shape of weed leaves. His almost robotic movements, coupled with his all-black outfit, gold chain, and ubiquitous New Balance tennies, make you feel almost like you’re watching a dad video of sorts. Almost. If it wasn’t for his playful style, you’d almost think he took himself seriously.

2. “Unprotected Love.”

Next up we have “Unprotected Love.” Now, I don’t know if you can get pregnant just by just listening to a song. But if you could, it would be to a Partiboi69 song — especially this one. Partiboi69 opens some deeply buried memories as he showcases his talents on the recorder for this sensual ballad. Never have I ever heard someone actually play a recorder, let alone work it the way he does. Trust me when I say this song is a must listen, and the video even more of a must see. This release was still under his Stingray alter ego, but it shows what you can expect from the self-proclaimed Partiboi69 and the talent he has with the recorder.

3. “Ketamine Dreams.”

Remember when I said this journey might feel like you’re tripping? Well, get ready to feel a bit of contact high with Partiboi69’s “Ketamine Dreams.” Do you like horses, a shirtless man, and trippy sounds? Then this track is for you!

Partiboi69 is back, this time bare chested with long jean shorts and those damn white New Balances. He’s got a vocal on this track that sounds almost like someone who’s just done a bunch of Whip-Its, and he’s going on and on about how much he loves ketamine. Couple that with a horse neighing and a vocal house diva belting her heart out, and you’ve got “Ketamine Dreams.”

4. “Always Keep it 69”

No Partiboi69 playlist would be complete without his track “Always Keep it 69.” Shot entirely in front of a green screen, this song is peak Partiboi69. Full of sexual innuendos, blatant, in-your-face sexual acts, and lyrics like “Always keep it 69, 69 and unprotected,” it’s easy to see what Partiboi’s all about.

In this video, Partiboi69’s joined by his date, who just happens to be a male blow-up doll. Together they frolic, holding hands and enjoying each other’s company while also taking time to perform a little 69 — because of course they do.

The track itself is a banger, an actual feel-good track that’ll put a smile on your face even without the crazy visuals. If this song doesn’t prove to you that Partiboi69’s an actual genius, then I don’t know what to tell you.

5. “Karate Mixtape”

I told you earlier that Partiboi69 was also a martial arts aficionado, so of course I had to include “Karate Mixtape.” This track is very reminiscent of video games, particularly ones that have you driving fast or running through obstacles. It’s the perfect soundtrack to a video featuring the new karate moves that Partiboi69’s been working on.

He’s dressed in a yellow tracksuit, sunglasses, and of course, New Balances, but he’s also got a chain around his neck. The song is short and sweet, just long enough for you to enjoy Partiboi69’s athleticism and skill.

6. “Get Stingy”

No question about it, “Get Stingy” had to make it on our list. Anytime an artist as out there as Partiboi69 can get their own mother to start in a video while donning the Partiboi69 uniform of black turtleneck, gold chains, jeans, and New Balances, it’s a must-watch.

This ‘90s style, techno-leaning track is full of vibes, as the song itself is well written and his flow rivals any prolific rapper out there. It pays homage to ‘90s hip-hop while still feeling like a song from the future or another dimension.

Partiboi69 has truly mastered the art of not taking yourself too seriously while keeping things fresh and diverse. The addition of Partiboi69’s mom in this video is just *chef’s kiss*.

7. “Freaky Dreamz”

Partiboi69 delivered a dancefloor banger known as “Freaky Dreamz,” which is off his MUPL002 EP, released on his then-recently launched Mutual Pleasures label. This track is a four-on-the-floor anthem with Liam Conroy providing vocals that remind you of an R&B crooner, plus lots and lots of cowbell. Mostly tongue in cheek, this song takes us back to the ‘80s while again, remaining fresh and new. A slight departure from Partiboi69’s usual musical ventures, this track is still very much him. Did I mention the super weird, totally off-the-wall video that accompanies this track? No? Well, it’s one of his most unusual, and that’s saying a lot.

8. “No Place Like Home”

Most recently, Partiboi69 released “No Place Like Home,” which he himself has dubbed a ‘twisted love story with one’s former self.’ Full of emotion, this song is about embracing the unknown and getting out of the STINGZONE to truly find yourself.

Partiboi69 has truly come into his own, honing his skills, and developing his sound to be just a bit more mature, more put together. Still the fun-loving Partiboi69 we’ve all grown to love, this song just seems a bit more serious while still staying in tune with his trajectory.

The video depicts multiple Partiboi69s, perhaps indicating that he’s embracing his past while growing into his current form. Watch and decide for yourself, and be prepared to be blown away by Partiboi69’s growth.

9. “Back Dat A$$ Up (Peg it On The Clothesline)”

This song just had to be mentioned. Though it was an early Stingray release, it showcases where Partiboi69 began. Released in 2005 on Unprotected Records, it shows Partiboi69 in his element, decked out in the attire we know him for, except his glasses are noticeably straight on his face. Back then, he wore a disco ball on a gold chain and a walkman attached to his belt — whose buckle, of course, is a 69. The track feels very old school — yet again, like most of his other tracks, very futuristic at the same time. The recorder solo at the end really ties the whole song together. His swag is very apparent, and even though it was one of his first tracks, his confidence shone through. Partiboi69, or Stingray as he was known at the time, knows that he's got a winning gimmick going on and he’s fully leaning into it.

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