Top 5 Most Hilarious Partiboi69 Videos

Aug 30, 2022

Alicia Baron

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Partiboi69 is nothing short of a good time. The outrageous Australian DJ, producer, and meme icon's larger-than-life persona has been winning the internet for years. He rocks a mean dad-style: askew shades, tracksuits, white new balance 624's, and absurd bling. The plurality of Partiboy69's sweet tunes is about less than wholesome content; drugs and sexual exploits dominate his lyrics. His music technique is Detroit-style ghetto house with dank beats sure to make your booty pop.

Hand in hand with his vibrant music career, Partiboi69's visual content is his major triumph. He has evolved into an affirmed internet megastar with his YouTube channel, loaded with videos and mixtapes packed with unadulterated absurdity. Green screen mastery and sick camera craftwork give you the feeling of taking ketamine and boarding a techno time machine back to the ‘90s. It’s a genuinely underground vibe with punchy and exceptional artistry. We'd explain it further, but we'll let some of his videos speak for themselves. Here are some of the most hilarious Partiboi69-produced music videos:

K On My D + C ft. Juicy Romance

The video to this banging tune features a competition of two dueling hobby horse riders showing their competitive prowess at a ridiculous derby. After a series of outlandish skill tests, Partiboi69 overloads himself and his equine with ketamine. Taking things negligibly overboard secures the victory for his actual sister, Juicy Romance — a victory 69 to 67.

2. 624's

“624's” is a highly delightful, funky music video for an equally stimulating, groovy house track. Partiboi69 galavants around London's most public squares, busting out sweet dance moves as if no one is watching in signature locales. In every location Partiboi69 strips down to his skinnies with his signature 624 New Balance shoes, keeping it groovy — contrary to the people around him, who do not even acknowledge the display of style.

3. Dip on the Dancefloor

This true classic introduced the bottomless wonderland that is Partiboi69. After he ingests disk cleaner in a server room, the viewer enters an abstract and smoke filled dream state. This magnificent, ‘80s styled matrix is plugged with wacky dancing, obscure items as our protagonist showers himself head to toe with a giant bag of mystery powder.

4. Always Keep it 69

Utilizing signature green screen mastery, Partiboi69 takes you on an expedition. These visuals are paired with home video-style shots that capture the dating chronicles of Partiboi69 and his blowup doll. An affair of handholding, champagne, and of course, unprotected 69.

5. Horsin' Around (feat Alex Crosara)

This video is where a straight-up equine, powder-fuelled vision meets an ‘80s boy band music video. Partiboi69's sharp flex of dance moves is highly accentuated by him sporting his most exemplary attire: a fringe jacket, cowboy boots, and Speedo. Partnered by Alex Crosara's guitar solo in the most unlikely of places, this video is pure comedic gold.

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