Partiboi69 Has a Sister Who’s Also a DJ

Aug 30, 2022

John Cameron

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Whoever’s behind Partiboi69 has crafted such an immersive mythology around the character that it can be hard to tell where the act ends and the real person begins. At quite a few of his gigs, though, there’s one major clue performing alongside him: his sister Nuala Bradley aka Juicy Romance.

Bradley and her brother have no ordinary sibling relationship. Early on in 2020, she appeared in the Partiboi69 video “K On My D+C,” trading verses about putting ketamine on your genitalia with the viral meme sensation. It might strike some as odd to see a brother and sister share this close of a bond, but Partiboi has never shied away from making anyone feel uncomfortable.

Before their careers became this closely intertwined, Juicy Romance had become a fairly well-known name on the scene in her own right. Unlike her brother, viral video content was not her claim to fame from the outset.

The Juicy Romance sound is slightly more eclectic than that of Partiboi69. It heavily emphasizes ghetto house, electro, and adjacent styles like footwork, to be sure — but her DJ sets also explore harder techno in addition to the experimental flavor of breakbeat made popular by Australian artists like Andy Page and the late Phil K.

Bradley’s earliest online activity under the alias can be traced back to 2017, when she performed at events like Hocus Pocus IX and Lucid in Melbourne. In 2019 she and fellow Naarn artist Common Nocturne delivered a guest mix for Rinse.FM as Common Romance, and since then she’s appeared on Lobster Theremin’s LT Podcast as well.

By 2021 the name Juicy Romance was appearing alongside Partiboi69 at gatherings like Untitled in Melbourne. In May, the two performed a back-to-back set for one of Partiboi’s live-streamed “STINGZONE” sets. It was there that their family connection became known to most outside of their local scene.

“Live and direct from the STINGZONE with an exclusive sibling b2b with my little sister Juicy Romance!” wrote Partiboi69 of the Wild West-themed podcast. “Saddle up!”

Ever since then, Partiboi69 has made a touching effort to leverage his constantly rising platform in support of his sister. Her first gig in Europe saw her open up for him at SWG3 in Glasgow. She referred to him as her “spiritual guide” in a post promoting the show. From Austria to Germany to the White Isle of Ibiza, Bradley has become an increasingly familiar face at his shows.

Does this mean Juicy Romance will undergo a Partyboification and turn into a living, breathing meme like her brother? That’s hard to say. They’re each their own person, at the end of the day, but it’s hard to be around that caliber of comedic genius without letting it rub off on you.

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