9 Absurd Things Partiboi69 Has Said During Interviews

Aug 18, 2022

John Cameron

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Of all the things Partyboi69 has declared himself in YouTube video descriptions, “enigma” is perhaps the most accurate. Read through any of his interviews and you’ll see why. The Australian DJ, producer, and meme in human form alternates between serious and satirical answers in a way that makes it difficult to untangle fact from fiction.

That’s part of the Stingray mystique, though. You could argue that it’s a key ingredient of the Partiboi69 brand. It is this very tendency to keep people guessing that leaves electronic music fans across the globe anticipating his every move. Read on to revisit some of the most off-the-wall quotes ever to surface from Partiboi69 interviews.

1. His Upbringing

During an April 2020 conversation for Coeval Magazine, Anisha Khemlani asked Partiboi69 if he was raised in a musically inclined household. “Yeah I was raised in a strict musical household. I started out tonguing my one true love, the humble recorder, early on,” he answered. “The recorder is great for training your tonguing accuracy. Once I mastered total tongue control I gravitated to the trumpet and in no time was going brass to mouth with some of the biggest brass boys in the game.”

2. Chastity Belt

Khemlani went on to inquire how Mr. 69 was making the most of his time during COVID-19 lockdowns. “I'm currently working on my religious talk show, 'Chastity Belt' which should be going into production in the next few weeks,” he told her before answering earnestly about an actual remix pack for his single “Always Keep It 69.”

Partiboi69 couldn’t remain serious for long, however. “Also I’m very passionate about expanding my Tinder networks over the coming months,” he continued. “I'd love to come out of this whole thing with a really extensive world network of like-minded creatives and business people to work with post lockdown.”

3. OG Batman Pills and Deadmoose5

In May 2020, Beatportal published a thorough interview with Partiboi69 chock full of comedic gems. The Australian icon hit the ground running when asked about his first rave experience at the beginning of the conversation.

“I went to Stereosonic in Melbourne in 2010 and downed a couple of googs for the first time,” he recounted. “They were the OG Batmans that were getting around back then. Real face-melters, you know… I took too many on an empty stomach and made myself hella sick! Saw Deadmoose5 though. Was pretty wild stuff.”

4. Big Into Potions

Later on in the Q&A, the interviewer asked, “Where did you learn your skills on the recorder?” The instrument is one of Partiboi69’s longest-running tropes, first appearing in the video for his 2016 ballad “Unprotected Love.”

“I went to hippy school when I was younger,” Partiboi69 explained. “You had to play ‘Kumbaya, My Lord’ in all 12 keys and master first-grade potions before you could graduate to grade two. I hated it back then. Big into potions now, though.”

5. K-Tech and Horse Flow

Partiboi69’s affinity for combat arts extends back at least as far as his 2018 “Karate Mixtape.” He delved deeper into what seems to be a lifelong dedication during his conversation with Beatportal.

“After studying all the big ones for many years, I’ve recently developed my own form of martial arts called K-tech and Horse Flow,” he said. “I’ve mixed my passion for self-defense and horses into an unstoppable sequence of combat movements based on the majestic motion of the horses.”

6. 69ing Techniques Throughout History

The Beatportal interview concluded with the interviewer asking for book recommendations on behalf of those “trying to keep it 69.”

The Kama Sutra is a great read. Also, The Report on Unidentified Flying Objects by Edward J Ruppelt is interesting,” Partiboi69 said. “I’m currently in the research stage of my first novel. “I’m writing a book about 69ing techniques throughout history and best practices for the modern relationship. I’ll be launching my own publishing company Pill Press in conjunction with the release mid-2021.”

At the time of writing — which is mid-2022, just for the record — Partyboi69 has yet to formally announce his publishing company.

7. Showbiz, Baby

In January 2021, Partiboi69 was interviewed by Time Heidecker for the YouTube series Office Hours. The feature only made sense, as Electronic Beats once described Partiboi69’s YouTube channel as “a ketamine, techno and New Balance-fueled version of Tim & Eric Awesome Show, Great Job!

At the beginning of their conversation, Heidecker remarked on the mysterious haze surrounding Partiboi69 during his live video feed. “There’s not some kind of kitchen fire happening, is there?”

Partyboi69 gave a predictably vague answer. “It was uh,” he said, “It’s just showbiz, baby.”

8. Best Day of the Week to Party

About midway through the Office Hours interview, Heidecker’s co-host, Vic Berger, asked a question of his own. “What is the best day to party?” he inquired.

After an extended pause in which he seemed to trawl the depths of his cognitive ability, Partiboi69 delivered an answer. “I’d say Monday’s pretty good,” he replied. “Monday’s great to party.” Somehow, in the upside-down world of the Stingzone, we wouldn’t doubt that he’s being serious.

9. Correctional Facilities

“How can people find your music, Partyboi69?” Heidecker asked during the Office Hours conversation. “Are you on all the streaming platforms?”

Partiboi69 answered affirmatively. “We just released ‘Bathe With Me’ on JSwipe, which is really exciting,” he said. “It’s the network that releases your music to the correctional facilities all over America.”

A cursory Google search for “JSwipe” turns up an online dating app targeted towards Jewish singles. Despite claiming to be an investor in the brand, Partiboi69 most likely got the name of the platform wrong.

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